1 year old.

Can you believe it? We made it!

Miss Ella is a whole ass year old. This past year has been a trip. It’s been so tough, but rewarding. At times I wasn’t sure how I’d make it through because it was so hard for me. But I reflect and I wouldn’t change it. It’s taught me a lot. Sometimes I don’t think I’m a good enough mom because I lose my patience quicker and I get overwhelmed easier. How does everyone else seem to have this mom thing down and I don’t?

While it may seem like I struggle, and I do, I’m so excited for what’s to become of my girl. She may be emotional and cry a lot but she’s also hilarious, determined, and beautiful!! She reminds me a lot of myself in terms of her emotions so I always try to remind myself to be kinder to her and be more empathetic. I never want her to feel like her feelings don’t matter. I know what that’s like and it really sucks.

Back to sister…she’s got 8 teeth and is currently teething. She isn’t walking yet but she stands on her own and is super mobile. She’s a scooter, not a crawler. She loves the roku remote. She loves her brother Levi. She loves her fruit! But she will try anything. She loves getting into everything. My favorite is when she stands on her tip toes to look on a counter or something to see what she can grab. She Gets frustrated when Levi takes her toys away from her and she tries to bite him (lol). She’s beginning to dance when her fav songs come on. She can say bye-bye and wave. When I ask her what a dog or tiger say, she makes their noises. She’s so smart and a fast learner. She loooves being outside and gets upset if we go back indoors when she’s not ready to. She’s also a huge people watcher and loves observing her surroundings. She doesn’t like people though lol. Unfortunately she will only let my parents or us hold her! She has major stranger danger so it makes me feel bad with family members not being able to connect with her like they did with Levi. I have a feeling she’ll by a shy girl and that’s okay, I was too.

I really look forward to seeing her little personality blossom. And playing with her at the park (she likes the swing already). I can’t wait for her and Levi’s relationship to grow. My goal is to have a close family. I want my babies to love being with their family. We plan on doing a lot of fun things this summer and hopefully we will!

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