11 months old.

I know it’s been a while. I always think there isn’t much to update but she’s always changing and growing. She scoots around like crazy, she loves standing up and trying to walk. She’s pulled herself up twice now holding onto the couch. She can sit back on her bum from a tummy laying position. She babbles non stop and is a true monster child (all jokes since she makes monster noises). She looves playing with Levi and his toys. She hates when things get taken away from her. She likes wearing buckets on her head, wearing sun glasses, and headphones. When she does walk, it’s on her tip toes. She still wakes 2x a night and takes two naps a day. She’s a pretty good eater but if she doesn’t want something it goes straight to the floor. She is a pro at drinking out of straws! She isn’t a fan of car rides or being stuck in general, she likes being free and on the go. She is the best observer ever and that’s the only way she’ll sit and be content (people watching professional!). She loves the radio flyer and going for walks. She loves putting everything into her mouth so we’re trying to teach her not to do that and she’s getting better and picking things up and then handing it over to us!

I could probably go on and on and on but that’s all I have for now. Things have gotten easier as she’s gotten older for sure. I felt like I had been struggling keeping up with her for a while. It’s still overwhelming at times but I’m getting better at it. We’ve had to baby proof a few drawers already and once she starts walking I know we’re in trouble lol. This girl is in everything! She is such a force. I’m scared but also excited to watch her grow up.

My mental health is always up and down but right now it’s up. I have so much love for my little family and we fit together so perfectly. I struggle with my body image a lot, especially lately. It’s always hard when the weather starts to warm up and I just genuinely hate getting dressed. So im going to work on myself. Loving myself and my new body but also slowly making changes if I can. I’ve been reading more and I think that also helps me stay off of my phone. Social media really fucks with my head and I compare myself to others a lot. Im trying to have more positive thoughts about myself but that’s always been a struggle lol.

Anyway, Levi has been doing great. He’ll start kinder this year and he’s playing baseball again this year! I want to put him in swim lessons this summer and I’m excited for that. He’s obsessed with Ella and loves her so much and it melts my freakin heart. He’s sooo smart and hilarious too. Right now he loves counting! Still obsessed with his hot wheels too. I can’t believe he’ll be five soon?!? Where the heck did the time go!

I can’t believe Ella will be 1 in a month either. Planning birthday parties is stressful AF btw. It is not something I like doing but I will do it for my babies! Can’t wait to update ya in a month!

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