8 months old.

Ah! I don’t know how I missed 7 months. Honestly, it’s probably because we’re just so busy. I know I’m late writing this one too…

Anyways, Ella is getting even more teefers! We thought it was just the top front two until today I saw a third one! she has been quite fussy so this explains a lot. She’s just in pain! She scoots around instead of crawling. When on her belly she just pushes herself backwards and doesn’t quite get how to move forward lol. She’s rather sit and scoot anyways. She loves her solid food and prefers that over purées. I feel like I’m not the best at giving them to her because I always forget but I’m working at it. She does the cuuuutest cheesy smile that is so hilarious. We are teaching her how to wave and she’s done it a few times already! I love her babbling. She’s also obsessed with me and loves being held by me. She still doesn’t like strangers or even people who aren’t her parents lol. Thanksgiving is in a few days and I think that will be overwhelming to her. Lots of new faces. She’s still pretty fussy compared to Levi as a baby (I know, I shouldn’t compare!). But that’s just how she is! She for sure let’s you know when she’s over something. She’s a pretty good sleeper at night and has only been waking up like 1-2 times. A much better sleeper than Levi was! She does great in her crib too.

Levi is handling being a big bro just fine. He loves it! Fall hall has ended and we’re just chillin over here. Continuously getting sick. He’s still in preschool and I’m not looking forward to him starting kindergarten!! How the heck am I gonna be a mom to a five year old?! When did this happen?? Sheesh! He’s so funny and smart. And calm and sweet. We let him play video games on the weekends only and he loves Wobby Life. I’m so obsessed with my kids and I’m so proud of Levi and the little human he is becoming. Such a freaking blessing!! If only he’d sleep in his own bed by now lol!

My mental health is doing a lot better. Even though work is draining, my home life is prospering. I just love being with my family and going on our little outings on the weekends. I’ve always wanted a close knit family of my own and I just pray we always stay close and that’s why I strive to be the best mom I can be!! Oh yeah, and I found out my brother and his girlfriend are having a baby! I am so excited for them and I’m so excited to be an aunt to a little girl! I hope her and ella will be close since they’ll only be a year apart. How cool is that? Like a sister she never had lol. I don’t know what the future will look like but I hope it’s full of love and happiness…

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