6 months postpartum.

So, we’ve made it six months! Ella is more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined! She’s chatty, knows what she wants, and is always smiling (for the most part anyways). I loooove waking up and getting her out of the crib and seeing her big smile!! It’s my favorite. She’s definitely more fussy than Levi ever was, but that’s okay!! I don’t say it to make her sound any less than. Every baby is different!

We’ve started solids and so far she isn’t a fan of peas, zucchini, or carrots. She likes applesauce and sweet potatoes! I’m going to try BLW and see how that goes. Well, most likely I’ll just to a mixture of that and purée because I think that’s just what I’m more comfortable with.

She still has her two teeth, she rolls over from her back to her stomach but hasn’t figured out how to roll stomach to back. She sits up pretty well, but will fall over on occasion lol. She still looooves the outdoors. I have no idea what this means for her in the future but it really calms her down and soothes her. She thinks Levi is HILARIOUS and he makes her laugh all the time. She’s definitely more attached to me (🥰) and sometimes when she’s upset she will look for me in the room and make eye contact and cry, even when Jesse is holding her lol. She wakes up 2-3 times a night still. We probably won’t sleep train her. I don’t even know how I’d do that since I’m able to put her down in her crib for bed and she’s fine. When she wakes up, she’s genuinely hungry and that girl has a set of lungs like no other. No way I’m gonna make her scream and cry! Nope lol. So we will just keep on keeping on.

My PPD is a lot better, I’m only sad sometimes instead of all the time. I still have lots of anxiety of course. I’m mostly sad about myself and how I view myself physically. And that only creeps up sometimes. I get anxious about a lot of things though and I don’t even know how I’d explain that lol. Overall I’ve been in a semi-good place lately and I really love it.

My best friends wedding went well btw! I did it. I was so nervous and a lot led up to it that I wasn’t so sure of but everything worked out. She was absolutely beautiful and I cried so many times!! It was such a special wedding. I was kind of envious of her and her family. There was so much love there and it was so wholesome!

Okay it’s late and I’m exhausted! So this small update will have to do. Also, Levi is doing great. He started fall ball and is killing it. And he loves preschool! Can’t freaking believe he’ll be in kinder next year!!!

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