5 months old.

My Ella girl is 5 months old!! GUYS she already has 2 teeth! She got them a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe it. I started to cry when I saw them because it just means she’s growing up so fast. Ugh, we love her so freakin much.

Besides the teeth, she’s rolling onto her belly all the time now. Needs to learn to roll onto her back lol. She talks A LOT. It sounds more like screaming but it’s sooo funny. She is not a fan of being in her car seat. She loooves being carried around in the baby carrier. I love her smiles every morning, she’s always so happy. Her favorite person is probably Levi. He makes her smile and laugh sooo much. I’m so excited for their relationship in the future. I hope they’re besties for life. She’s already wearing 6 month clothes and has just grown so much. She definitely loves being outside still and observing everyone. We went to dinner last night and she did amazing, just sat on our laps and watched everyone! Didn’t make a peep lol.

Levi is doing well too. He starts fall ball this week and jesse is the head coach! Then pre k starts first week of September! It’s insane to think he starts kindergarten next year. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing and my little boy is getting so big. How do we stop time?? I want to go back in time already and squeeze my baby Levi. He’s the best big brother ever. He’s soo smart and hilarious. I’m so freaking proud to be his mom!!

Well, I’m going to leave this post on a positive note! I didn’t go to work today, I needed a much needed mental health rest day. Ella is with my mom so that I can relax. I’m hoping I can get in a nap today!

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