38 weeks.

The time has come. We are going to have a baby in 7 days (or sooner if they come on their own!).

Induction date is planned for the 10th. I’m curious to see how this will go this time around. The plan is for me to have a foley balloon placed inside me first, then go home and wait until around 6pm to head over to do the rest of the induction! My doctor said it’s been working well for others. Whatever that means, lol.

So, they wanted me to start Zoloft at 37 weeks so that it would be in my system when baby gets here to help with possible PPD. I took it for the first time on Tuesday, in the afternoon. About an hour later I started to get dizzy, nauseous, lightheaded, and pretty faint. I started to panic so I had jesse drive me to the hospital. On the way there, I started feeling worse and I got really scared so I had him call an ambulance. They picked me up at in parking lot of a furniture store. I really thought I was going to die or at least pass out. I’m shocked I actually didn’t. I felt like I couldn’t move and had no control over my body and I couldn’t open my eyes because I was so dizzy.

Unfortunately, they brought me to L&D first before getting checked out at the ER. So they checked on baby and then sent us to the ER where we had to wait 2 HOURS before being seen. And from there I then laid on a bed in the middle of a hallway because they were packed with people and there were no rooms available. After all the blood work came back fine, it was assumed that it was the Zoloft that did it to me because I was fine otherwise. It was completely awful. Yesterday (weds) I still felt the effects and I laid in bed all day. I was nauseated, would get dizzy and lightheaded and barely had an appetite. I’m doing much better today although I’m still pretty fatigued. I’m excited to finally go to bed but I’m with Levi alone tonight because jesse went to the movies with some neighbors.

Besides all of that craziness, I’m doing ok. I’ve been loving my therapy sessions each week and I really enjoy talking to my therapist. I’m a little worried about postpartum but I’ll deal with it when I get there. My symptoms lately are lots of stretch marks, tons of itching, peeing 3-4x a night, occasional leg cramps, still getting full quickly, SPD, and fatigue. Haven’t had indigestion in a little bit, thankfully. I really look forward to having this baby and being active again. I crave a nice walk outside enjoying fresh air! The day I can will be the best day.

Levi has been thoroughly enjoying his baseball team and is sooo freaking cute out on the field! It makes me so proud. I love that he loves it. He has a little parade downtown this weekend that we’re going to, along with team photos. I’m sad we’ll miss his first game most likely, due to baby being born. If Baby is here and I’m doing well enough, I’m thinking I’ll just send jesse off to the game while I’m with baby. He’ll only be gone for an hour or so, so should be fine. i hope he loves being a big bro ❤️

My parents might get a puppy and I’m super excited for them! I don’t want me having a baby get in the way of them not getting it or something. My work got a bunch of pups and they’re sooo cute! Some sort of shepherd mixes. They just look like border collies to me, but fluffier. My mom is nervous to get one the same week I have a baby (potentially) and it does sound a little stressful but honestly I think we’ll be okay. We’ll see what happens I suppose.

Well, next time I’m writing on here I’ll probably have a baby and I’ll be sharing my labor and delivery story. Talk to ya in a few weeks!!

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