32 weeks.


Time is starting to fly by and I’m only panicking a little bit, lol. Let’s start out with symptoms I’m currently dealing with. Still emotional as ever and struggling with my mental health, still dealing with pelvic pain and I can’t even enjoy short simple walks without being in pain the rest of the day, getting full fast and not having the biggest appetite, itchy belly (also due to my insulin pump sites), some new stretch marks here and there, INDIGESTION!! Man oh man, never have I experienced this before and I had to look it up actually. I can’t eat until I’m full or have a bed time snack as I will feel so nauseated. It actually is happening as I type this out. It’s so gross and I hate the feeling. Another is getting leg cramps here and there, and of course getting to pee like 2-3x a night. I’m also dealing with some cystic acne but I think it’s mostly my fault and not the pregnancy itself.

Diabetes time! My blood sugars are actually doing quite well. I’m hoping I can continue on with this good streak until baby arrives because I have struggled a lot but I finally think I’m in a good space and I do the best that I can.

Because my ultrasounds at the doctors have been absolutely horrible, I decided to do a 4d ultrasound! It was such a cool experience and my baby is just the absolute cutest ever!! I can’t wait to meet them. We brought Levi with us so he was able to see the baby on the “tv screen” as he would say haha! I got the best photos and I’m just obsessed! It definitely makes things more real.

Now, this news sucks but Jesse tested positive for covid on Monday. I’ve felt pretty off since Sunday but I tested myself twice and it’s come back negative both times! I truly believe I have it but there’s not much I can do? He pretty much had all the symptoms on Monday but now he’s doing better and just has a cough and congestion. I’m really grateful I got my booster shot a week prior!! Could you imagine? I honestly couldn’t deal with being sick all over again. I mean, I definitely feel like I have something going on (head fog/fatigue/sore throat) but going through all the symptoms just doesn’t sound fun to me. So here’s hoping we both feel better by the weekend. Luckily Levi is doing just fine.

Speaking of, I feel like I need to talk about my son really quick. He is seriously the funniest and sweetest boy and damn I am one lucky mama. I couldn’t imagine having a more perfect kid. He tells me he loves me, cuddles me, gives me kisses, and makes me laugh like no other. He is so kind and he makes being a mom so freaking enjoyable. He’s learning so much and has started to draw people and cars and race tracks and I just love it so much. I get so sad because I don’t want him to grow up. I love how little he is and I love watching him learn new things and get more brave to try new stuff. Gah, I love my baby!! And I can’t wait for him to be a big brother because he’s going to be the absolute best I just know it!

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