29 weeks.

Happy New Year everyone!

I really hope this new year brings everyone what they’re hoping for. There will always be hard times but I hope you get moments of pure joy and happiness ❤️

I’ll try not to be too depressing in this post, lol.

Let’s start with blood sugars! They’ve actually be doing pretty good but also my Dexcom hasn’t been 100% accurate so it’s also lying to me telling me my blood sugars are good when they aren’t haha. Who knows. I’m trying to buckle down on this last trimester! I think I want an insulin pump break after this baby is born. I’m just really tired of having this thing attached to me! I want my belly to be free of devices for a while. I don’t mind giving myself injections all the time honestly. Don’t get me wrong, the pump is extremely convenient and that’s a massive plus but my insulin pump sites are irritating my skin and making me so itchy and I’m over it.

Baby time…okay I’m just really looking forward to this little babe to be born. I can’t wait to hold them and find out what they are! I love feeling them move around in there and kick the crap out of me. I feel like my belly is so big I’m not sure how I can go two more months and I’m curious to how big I’ll get.

Which…actually makes me nervous. I’m still having an extremely hard time with my preggo body and I’m insecure about 99% of the time. I find my appearance to be absolutely repulsive. I hate everything from my head to my toes. It really sucks. I can’t wait until I can workout and make myself feel better again.

This pregnancy has been so hard on my body. I’m in pain all the time. All day. From the moment I wake up until I go to bed. My pelvic area hurts so bad and during the week at work my back pain has been starting to act up as if I’m about to throw my back out with one wrong move. I have a dr appt coming up and I’m going to ask about maternity leave and what not. Apparently I can take 4 weeks off before my due date but I’m always in pain I’m going to see if I can get more. I love that I get a lot of steps in at work and I walk a lot and it’s good for me physically but sheesh, I can’t imagine doing this as I get bigger.

We’ll see what happens. Anyways, I still can’t believe I’m 29 weeks!!!!! Time has been flying by.

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