16 weeks.


So I’ll be 17 weeks tomorrow (!!) but figured I’d let ya know how the last two weeks were. For one, still emotional but last week was probably the best week depression-wise. As in, I was in a good mood pretty much all week! It was great. This week is going pretty smoothly also but def don’t want to jinx myself here. We leave for Kauai next Wednesday and I am so freaking excited!! We’re going to be celebrating our one year anniversary and also our honeymoon since we didn’t get one last year.

I finally got some more maternity jeans in the mail and now I have three pairs instead of one lol. It just really makes all the difference because I like wearing jeans to work so I needed to have more! Speaking of work, I now have a 30 pound limit and it limits me from walking dogs weighing more than that. Bums me out but also it’s necessary. I’ve been dealing with a lot of sciatica pain daily and work has really been wearing out my body. Towards the middle of my shift my body just hurts and even when I sit down I don’t feel much relief. It really sucks and I’m hoping it somehow goes away eventually. I still get nauseated here and there, mostly after dinner or towards the evening.

My blood sugars were way out of whack for a few days last week and it finally dawned on me to adjust my settings. So far they’ve been doing well since then! Makes me really happy and proud. I got to see little one on Monday. The little feet made me shed a tear, they were so cute!! I’m kind of over doctor appointments already and all the appointments they want me to go to. Eye doctor, EKG??? I don’t understand that one but whatever. Oh and more bloodwork, lol. It really overwhelms me to be honest. It’s just a lot to do especially when I feel like I don’t have time.

Anyways, I will update more after our vacation!! I’m so stoked about it and I can’t believe it’s already coming up. I’ve waited all year for this!

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