14 weeks.

Okay so apologies for not writing week 13! I just felt like it was like all the others so I decided to skip. 14 weeks was similar, except I did have a few good days of little to no nausea. Some days are worse than others but luckily it’s not an every day thing anymore.

Other symptoms, which are somewhat the same, are constipation, sciatica, I some lower abdomen pain once last week and I just did a bunch of stretches that really seemed to help. I don’t have much food aversions but I still seem to be a little picky when it comes to dinner haha. So maybe I do? Idk lol. I still have extreme ups and downs (mostly downs). My OBGYN recommended I see a therapist so I need to get on that. I’ve just been procrastinating, big time. I just keep trying to tell myself I can work through it on my own but last week it definitely effected my work and that isn’t good at all. I see that as a red flag. I just get so sad or so mad really quickly and there’s just no control.

Diabetes wise, I’m doing alright. Probably could be better to be honest. I was in range 80% of the time and my doctor congratulated me on that so that was cool! Before, I had only been above 70. Today wasn’t the best day in range because I think something was wrong with my pump and I took too long to replace the cartridge so I was high for a while. I kept giving myself insulin and my blood sugars just wouldn’t budge! It was so frustrating! But I’m doing better now that it’s been changed.

I keep waiting to feel baby kick! I’m totally looking forward to that the most. It’s just an extra little reassuring thing that lets me know baby is okay. My next appointment is on the 4th so I’m already anticipating that!

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