11 weeks.

So today I’m 12 weeks pregnant but let’s talk about the past week…

I am completely over this nausea. It’s kicking my ass. One minute I’m fine and the next I swear I’m going to throw up (I never do). I’m exhausted all the time. The sciatica in my butt cheek hurts like a biatch. My emotions are WILD. At least I don’t have too many food aversions and was able to cook about 3 times this past week! That’s a win for me because definitely hasn’t been a thing at all lately, lol.

I think I’m doing a lot better with my diabetes management. I’ve buckled down and have taken my carbs seriously and have been trying really hard to keep my max at 45. I will sometimes go to 50 or 60 because let’s be realistic here, I can’t always have 45g of carbs. But I try my best. I’m trying to make sure I eat more veggies (although carbs are still life). I did have one scary day yesterday though. I accidentally gave myself 15 UNITS of insulin instead of typing in 15g of carbs on my pump. When I noticed, I freaked out and immediately started to cry and panic. my thought was “how the fuck will I get out of this one?!” I drank about 2 Gatorades and put my pump on exercise mode to just slow down my basal insulin. I was at work when it happened so I had them call and ambulance. I luckily did not have to go to the hospital and my blood sugar actually stayed relatively high (200) but I was fine with that. Anything to prevent a tragic low!! Lows give me so much anxiety and scare me sooo much. I think if you’ve also experience a scary low that you can relate and understand how traumatic it can be.

There’s not much else to really update on?? I can’t think of any other specific things maybe other than me meeting with my high risk pregnancy doctor last Monday and that went well. I had the option to find out the sex of the baby along with the genetic testing and I declined! Am I crazy?? Are we really going to wait until baby is born?! We’re going to try, lol.

Omg in unrelated news, this past week was just emotional and so much happened especially with the Caldor fire! Our family cabin was sooo close to getting burned down and it SURVIVED! What are the chances?? It’s absolutely wild but we are so thankful. For some reason, even though I was worried, I was oddly calm about the whole thing as if I just knew our cabin would be fine. I didn’t wanna admit it to anyone at the time but I just wasn’t as nervous about it being damaged. I’m sure there’s some damage but at least it’s still standing and looks to be in good shape. I hope the fire doesn’t last too long because I feel so bad for everyone dealing with it right now. It’s got to be so exhausting, emotionally and physically (for the ones fighting it!).

Anyways, I bought some unisom so here’s hoping it helps with the nausea and knocks me out!

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