10 Weeks.

You might be wondering, where did the 9 weeks blog post go?? Well, friends, after having my appointment last Thursday, I was confirmed of being 10 weeks pregnant! Baby definitely grew and we got the perfect measurement. My due date is officially March 17th! A little Pisces baby 🐠. Is it weird I’m excited about that?? Haha.

I was so grateful to have a perfect ultrasound! It was just what I needed. I’ve been having pretty much the same symptoms as before. Breast soreness, shortness of breath, fatigue, getting up to pee all the time, nausea (especially in the evenings), sciatica, and some food aversions. The nausea isn’t so bad when I’m busy and moving around and staying busy which is why I don’t think it bothers me much at work. I’ve also been having some headaches here and there that I wasn’t sure was pregnancy related but ya never know! I’ve gotten less emotional so that’s good. For a while I was crying over every thing, happy or sad!

My blood sugars have been a lot better. My doctor finally mentioned to me that she’d like me to be more strict with how many carbs I eat for each meal/snack. Cue the tears now. I was so devastated because it took me a while to come back from that last time but hey, it’s for the baby so I gotta be strong and push through. I haven’t been super active in terms of working out. I tried but honestly I’m exhausted so I let myself rest.

I actually turn 11 weeks tomorrow so I figured I’d hurry up and post this before I forget. My next appointment is on Monday with the high risk pregnancy doctors so I’m excited for that, especially since I get to see baby again. I haven’t felt nauseated since I’ve gotten home today and although I love not feeling sick, it always worries me anyways!

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