A 3 Year Old & 7 Weeks Pregnant

Okay so yes, I am pregnant! I have only told two friends and honestly, still enjoying keeping it to myself (and Jesse of course). I don’t want to tell anyone because then it won’t just be our secret anymore, ya know? I don’t want extra attention, I don’t know why. Honestly, when I first found out I wasn’t excited or sad, I was indifferent. And I feel guilty about that. Just a week prior I was crying over everyone getting pregnant and it not happening for me. We’ve been trying since January so I was feeling really down that it was taking so long this time around. I was using an ovulation test kit that also came with pregnancy tests. I didn’t get my period in June but I didn’t think much of it because my periods have been so irregular. I decided to take a pregnancy test and there was a faint positive. I seriously didn’t think much about it. Figured it was messed up and I’d try the next day. Next day came and I got the same result. I still didn’t believe it so I didn’t tell Jesse or freak out about it. I decided to get a Clearblue test at the store and it showed positive right away. I immediately showed Jesse and we both were speechless. Mostly in disbelief. I had convinced us both that I couldn’t get pregnant and that we’d never have kids again. Call me dramatic, whatever lol. So I made some phone calls with the doctor and the nurses on the phone said I was 7 weeks based on my last period. And then I started to freak out because I wasn’t having any symptoms. I had a meltdown and completely convinced myself I was having a missed miscarriage. Sobbing and all.

I was able to see an OBGYN for an ultrasound. Based on when I last ovulated (end of June) and my ultrasound, I was less than 5 weeks. They both added up. They said they don’t want to see me again until I’m at least 7 weeks to see if I’ve progressed. I have symptoms now and I’m officially 7 weeks and 1 day today. My doctors appointment is on Tuesday but I’ve been dealing with a cold this weekend that I’m praying I won’t have to cancel it. I feel like once we see the baby, then I’ll finally be able to relax a little and get excited.

My symptoms thus far are fatigue, sore breasts, shortness of breath, evening nausea, no desire to cook at all (happened with my last pregnancy), and having to go pee all the time! I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible with protein smoothies in the morning and still eating greens as long as I can tolerate them. My diet probably hasn’t been super great since we’ve been eating out a ton but I honestly cannot stand being in the kitchen to cook. It makes me sick. And tired.

So…I’ll try and do weekly updates with this pregnancy like my last. I found it to be very fun and cool to look back on. It’s already such a different pregnancy. We’re not sure if we want to find out the sex of the baby before it’s born. We might want to wait and make it a surprise. I also don’t plan on announcing my pregnancy to all of social media for a while. Still unsure when I’d want to tell my family too because, like I said before, I’m really enjoying just keeping it to myself.

Now onto my big three year old! I can’t believe Levi is going to be a big brother! He is seriously the best kid I could have ever imagined having. He’s so funny, positive, friendly, and sweet. He greets every morning with a “it’s a beautiful day mommy!” And is one of the most outgoing kids I’ve ever met. He has so much fun at the parks and can be quite demanding, lol. He’s got a leader personality and is always delegating the kids and telling them what to do. Definitely a great quality to have but also annoying, haha. He loves snuggling on the couch and still holds my hand. He’s so affectionate and we love it. Still sleeps with us in our bed but we don’t mind much as it provides us all with comfort. I remember feeling like such a shitty mom for letting him until I realized people all over the world do that and it’s completely normal! He’s obsessed with his hot wheels and trains. He’s going to start going to a pre-K daycare thing in the fall, twice a week. Luckily my parents are able to take him for me while I’m at work. He loves school and enjoyed going over the summer for summer school. His favorite food is avocado and loves avocado, cheese, and lettuce sandwiches. Still obsessed with applesauce and fig bars. His best friends are Kaleo and Charlotte. He loves Moka and Wilson. He says all the time he wants a baby brother/sister. Jesse taught him how to play video game called Rocket League so we let him play occasionally and he’s actually really good at it lol. He says his favorite color is blue and his favorite food is chocolate 😂 He is obsessed with swimming and is a little fish just like us when we were young. He jumps into the pool with no fear (wearing floaties of course).

There’s probably so much more I could add about him but I can’t think! I just love this age and love having conversations with him. He’s seriously the best and I am so excited for him to be a big brother 🥺

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