21 Months.

I’m pretty behind on this one since he turned 21 months on the 23rd but LIFE IS CRAY. I’m sure everyone can relate. Like before, his vocabulary is just increasing by day. Woke up the other day and started saying, “Ready…go!” and he’s doing cute things like hiding his cars and saying, “Where’d it go?” It’s freaking adorable and I love it. He’s finally over the whole cast thing! Poor kid had a fractured tibia the entire time but the first X-ray didn’t catch it so that’s why we thought he hurt his ankle. So there’s not much to update ya on little Levi since he’s pretty much the same! He’s hilarious, super cute…ya know, the usual 🙂

Work has been the same for me lately. It’s nice to just go twice a week and then focus on house stuff and baby stuff. Have you guys done your taxes yet? I got mine done last Sunday and I’m glad to have that out of the way. The next big thing on our list is getting the new California ID. I dread going to the DMV so that’s why we haven’t gone yet but we have to get it done by October I believe. Next is trying to plan a ceremony/wedding. I don’t even like thinking about it to be honest because it just makes me super overwhelmed. I’m not a good planner and we’re both super low key type of people and do not want anything big at all. So we’ll see what happens. 2020 is already so crazy! January has seemed like the longest month ever and I feel like once it’s completely over, like after tomorrow, the year is going to fly by like nobody’s business haha.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the month, catch ya next month!

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