Baby #2.

Sorry, did that title excite you? I’m definitely not pregnant, haha. But I thought I’d share what I would like my future to sort of look like! As of late I have set my high alert on my Dexcom to 160 instead of 180 to kind of keep me more in check and have tighter control of my blood sugars. Half of me is doing this just to be more healthy and conscious of my blood sugars, and the other half is doing this so that when I decide to have another baby I’ll be in somewhat more control than if I were to always have blood sugars close to 180 and above. Trying to have a healthy pregnancy with diabetes is extremely hard work and anyone who’s put in the work knows it. There’s plenty of women who don’t do the work and they have side effects from it. It can really harm the fetus and I never want to take that chance when pregnant! I remember always being terrified of harming my unborn baby anytime I had a high or low blood sugar.

Okay, so I got that out of the way. A few months after Levi was born, Jesse and I both wanted to talk about having another baby by the time Levi turned one. Well, he’s 15 months old and we definitely aren’t pregnant and don’t plan on trying anytime soon. We did discuss talking about it again around the end of the year so we’ll see how that goes. I think I really want to wait a little until after Levi is 2 to talk about it to be honest. I would really love having a potty trained toddler by the time the second one is born. I don’t want to have to change two diapers! We also talk about moving a lot lately and it would be nice to have a bigger house. Right now we live in less than 1,000 sq ft house and things can be pretty tight here but we make it work. But with a dog, a cat, and a toddler, I just can’t see us adding another little human into all of it because we don’t have a small dog and he isn’t really Levi’s biggest fan. He’s extremely tolerant of him but he avoids him most of the time and we don’t really let Levi get all up in his space because 1. Our dog deserves his own space and 2. That would be rude if we let Levi do whatever he wanted to Wilson and I don’t want to teach my son that it’s okay to do that to an animal.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re wondering if or when I’d ever have another baby….your best bet is sometime between 2021 and 2022!

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