15 Months Old.

I meant to post this yesterday but my brain stopped working so we’ll celebrate online today! My baby boy has grown so much in the last month! He’s a pro walker and walks all over the place. I’m sooo happy he started walking late because I’m not sure if I could have been able to handle it if it happened any sooner, ha! He says several words that I’m sure only me and Jesse can understand. Kitty, Mickey, bird, dada, mama, uh oh, coco (for cocomelon on YouTube), pizza, and cheese. I’m probably missing some but you get the gist. He’s been eating pretty good lately when it comes to veggies and what not. I’ve found that if I put the veggies (or whatever food he’s avoiding) on my fork and ask if he wants some, he’ll try it. Or I’ll help him poke his fork into the food and lift it to his mouth. Doesn’t work every single time but most of the time! He’s been having little anger outbursts when he gets things taken away (like a remote or phone) or if you repeatedly tell him “no” as he’s about to do something naughty. I know I shouldn’t laugh when he gets mad but it truly is hilarious to me and Jesse. He just lets out a grunt and will wave his arms around, haha. We still co-sleep. I’ve figured it’s too late to try and put him into his own crib and I feel like we’ll have to wait until we can convert his crib into a toddler bed. Am I wrong? I don’t know. I feel like I need some advice but I don’t know who to even ask since all my friends are smart and crib trained their babies already. I guess there’s no rush when you really think about it. Like why does it even matter at this point? It’s working out fine for our family so whatevs.

I know I’ve talked about my journey to lose weight and become healthy but I think something is off with my body. Seriously, I’m doing EVERYTHING to try and drop a few pounds and nothing is working. I’ve been eating so much less and so much more wholesome foods and I’ve increased my workouts to 4-5 times a week and I still haven’t lost one single fucking pound. Excuse my French, but not really because I don’t care right now. I’ll step on the scale and I see that I’ve gained weight. HOW?! I’m literally doing exactly what I should be doing and I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m so frustrated. I really hate* what I look like. It’s embarrassing to me. I don’t like running into people I know in public because I just feel like they’re judging me. Why couldn’t I have lost all the baby weight like everyone else I know? I don’t understand. I’m wondering if my thyroid has anything to do with it because I do have Hypothyroidism and that could be playing a huge factor in this so I’m going to do some blood work tomorrow. I actually want something to be off so my doctor can fix it because if my blood work comes back normal I’ll probably cry about it. I truly feel stuck and I don’t know what to do anymore.

My parents came with me and Levi to a wildlife museum today and Levi had a blast! At first he wasn’t so sure about the place but once he got comfortable he was all over the place. It was so fun to watch him run (walk) everywhere. Any time I tried to pick him up to move him somewhere else he would get really mad about it and it made me laugh so much. He didn’t want to hold our hands either. He was Mr. Independent and it was so fun to watch. We’re definitely going to go back so that Jesse can witness the cuteness. He was jelly he was at work today. This weekend is supposed to be really hot so we’re already preparing to be at the pool all weekend! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week 🙂

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