14 Months Old.

Are you reading that right? I have a 14 month old! I’m a couple days late but I thought I’d do an update since he’s learned so much!

Levi is now walking. W A L K I N G. We went to Tahoe a week ago and that’s where he took his first steps and we were all so amazed! It came out of nowhere! We’re still fine tuning it but he can walk from one end of a room to the other. He doesn’t quite stop so once he’s walking he just walks until he gets to a person/wall/couch/object. He’s still a little wobbly so we make sure we stay right by his side since he’s fallen backwards and hit his head twice. Ouch! He still prefers crawling but I am so excited for him to be walking like a pro in no time! He loves saying the word “ball” and he’ll say it to anything that’s round. We went grocery shopping and I picked up a watermelon and when he saw it on the counter he said, “ball!” It’s really cute. He also says cheese! Well, more like “chee.” It’s adorable. He can point to his belly, give high fives (oh so gentle though), point to your nose if you ask him where your nose is, and say hi! He can do many other things but those are what he’s been doing as of late. He loooves holding his own fork or spoon at mealtimes and cries when you take it away from him. He’s been growing more teeth! The two on top on the sides of the front two are coming in but seem to be stuck and haven’t grown all the way down but the dentist says it’s fine. He’s also growing two on the sides of his bottom teeth. He seems to be stuck in 18 month clothing, occasionally wearing 24 months or 2T depending on the brand. I think he’s finally growing out of size 4 shoes and into size 5. He’s OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse. If he see’s Mickey’s face on anything he gets really excited and says “icky!” We were shopping in Buy Buy Baby and he saw Mickey’s face on a bib and freaked out so I let him hold the bib throughout the store, haha.

He’s still sleeping with us! I bought a rocking chair and I was so ready to move him into his own room but something happened (I’ve been thinking about writing a blog post about it…) and I just haven’t wanted to move him out of our bed since. I’ll go into detail about that a different day. He’s been waking up in the middle of the night being fussy but I really think it’s because of his teeth. He’s been eating pretty good lately. He likes cauliflower and broccoli and even ate some asparagus last night! He had his first dentist appointment today by the way. I haven’t been good at brushing his teeth because he closes his mouth together but the dentist say that it’s  normal and it’ll just have to be a two person job until he gets comfortable. He cried the entire time and I felt so bad for him but afterwards he was totally chill.

You guys, I just love Levi so much. Every single day I look at him and think how perfect he is and I am so damn lucky. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think that about him. His smile always melts my heart and I love our new nap time/bed time routine that we have together. He holds my thumb while he curls up against me until he falls asleep. MY HEART! I’m excited to see what kind of little person he’s going to grow up to be but I also wish we could go back in time because time really went by way too fast and sometimes I can’t even remember how we got here! He’s absolutely perfect and my little best friend and I’m going to end this blog post before I cry, haha.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!


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