What I Ate Today + How Diabetes Ruined It

So I thought it would be fun to do a little “what I eat in a day” post since I always love watching these on YouTube! My day started out really well but somewhat went downhill throughout the day. I went to the gym around 7 and decided to do some cardio. Ugh, I hate cardio…remind me to never do that again. Once I got home I had some egg whites with sautĂ©ed mushrooms and a piece of whole grain toast. I usually never have toast these days (or any other carb) but I was starving as soon as I woke up so I wanted to make sure I filled myself up so that I could last until lunch to eat again.

After showering and getting ready I decided to run a few errands. While I was at my last store, my Dexcom started going off telling me I was having a low. As I was in the checkout I could really start to feel the low hitting me. I was getting sweaty, a little shaky, and couldn’t really focus on anything. I decided to grab a small trail mix bag that was at the checkout. When I left and got into my car I had my juice box and the bag of trail mix. So that threw off my day a little since I normally wouldn’t have planned to eat/drink those things. This happened right around the time I would normally have lunch so I was already feeling quite hungry and there’s an In n Out really close to where I was shopping. I debated about going there or not in my head. I knew I had a salad waiting for me leftover from the night before. I knew I should have picked that but the smell of that delicious In N Out was hard to pass by. So I got it. Cheeseburger protein style, animal style with animal style fries. Was it delicious? Duh. Do I regret it? Not really…but it did make me feel bad for a little bit because I really don’t want to fall off of this health train I’ve been riding.

After eating lunch I opened my refrigerator and saw the leftover Daiya cheesecake that I had last night (I’ve been wanting to try this for forever so I finally caved and bought it! Don’t judge!) and took a few bites. Later on in the day I also had a couple handfuls of some goldfish and a Reece’s peanut butter cup. UGH. Also not planned in my day usually…

For dinner I stuck to my guns a little bit. I made sure to eat the salad that I was originally going to have at lunch and put my chicken into it. I roasted some green beans (garlic, s&p, oil-350 degrees for 17-20 min), and made awful mashed potatoes! Just kidding, they weren’t awful but I couldn’t’ find the recipe I usually go off of so I kind of made my own and they weren’t really my favorite. I’m also not a big mashed potato fan anyways but Jesse requested it. I’m completely stuffed after dinner and have no intentions of eating for the rest of the night.

A lot of people don’t really understand what diabetics have to go through on a daily basis. Especially when trying to lose weight. Sometimes a low happens unexpectedly and if it keeps going lower and lower then we get so hungry and for some of us, food is hard to turn down. A juice box is always recommended but that was hard for me today. I’m sure I would have been fine with just juice but I ended up eating the trail mix anyways just to be safe.

I haven’t input my dinner info or most of the snacks I ate today because I already know I went over my calories and carbs for the day. Sometimes I’m not sure if MyFitnessPal is useful or actually bad for your mental health and losing weight. I’ll feel like a failure if I’m not eating perfect enough and I already have to look at my Dexcom app and see my blood sugars throughout the day and feel like a failure. With the two apps combined and me failing at everything today, it kind of sucks. I’ll just shoot for a better day tomorrow.

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