One Year Old.

Levi’s birthday is today!! It’s pretty much over since he’s passed out and I’m laying in bed. We had such a good day. We started out eating bagels and sausage for breakfast (he loved it), then we went to the Oakland Zoo where we saw all the cute animals! Levi didn’t seem to care for them as much as I thought he would have, I think he liked the stroller ride the most since he loves going on walks in his stroller. We ate at this cute Mexican restaurant in Berkeley for lunch and then headed home and waited for my parents and brother to come over for dinner. After dinner Levi had his first taste of a cupcake! Okay, so I’ve totally given him frosting before, and cake, and ice cream because I’m that mom who has a sweet tooth as it is. We let him eat some frosting and about 1/2 of the cupcake before we ended that sugar high situation, haha.

I don’t have much to say as a newly stay at home mama so I’ll make this post all about him (as it should be).

He has a tooth up top about to come down. He’s a crazy couch surfer and I’m sure he’ll be walking in a month or so. He’s HILARIOUS and always keeps us laughing. His smile is so contagious. His hair is still awesome as ever and someone always comments on it without a fail anytime we go out and about. He’s got the cutest chunker legs that I just want to eat up. He’s stubborn. He knows how to sip from straws and sippy cups now but refuses to do so. He still loves looking out the window to watch the cars go by. He doesn’t really like the feeling of grass so we have to put a towel down for him to sit out front. He knows who Mickey Mouse is and will go get him for you if you ask him where Mickey Mouse is. He loves his books and will sit and flip the pages for the longest time. He’s a huge meat eater and loves any kind of meat we’ve given him (total opposite of his mama). He says all kinds of things these days and just babbles on and on. Still loves sleeping with mom and dad so he starts the night out in the crib but always ends up back in bed with us. He still drinks 4oz of milk in the middle of the night (I am going to try so hard to stop that now that I’m off!). He loves our cat more than our dog which melts my heart if he grows up to be a cat loving man. He loves playing with his LEGO blocks, I think they’re his favorite. He loves being chased and thinks it’s hilarious once I “get him” and tickle his belly.

He is our entire world. I just want to cry thinking about how much joy he’s brought into my life. Sometimes I get so scared having any kinds of thoughts of losing him. Like, if I hear about young babies or kids getting hurt or something it just freaks me out and makes me want to cry because I couldn’t even imagine losing him. I will forever protect my baby boy as much as I can. Although being a parent is not easy at all, I am so happy I am a mom. His mom. I really got lucky to have such a happy baby. As much as I want to go back and experience the first day he arrived on this earth, I can’t wait to see what kind of person he turns out to be because I’m already so proud of who he is today.

Happy first birthday bubba. I love you forever and ever ❤️

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