My 27th Birthday.

So I know I didn’t write last week and honestly it’s just because I wasn’t in the mood! I was so stressed out and dealing with a lot on my plate that I just didn’t have the time to sit down and write. I enjoy writing so it was a bummer to feel that way. Anyways, my birthday was on the 9th and I had a nice day! Started out going to a local coffee shop and getting a yummy coffee and waffle (that was TO DIE FOR, seriously). I spent the day with Levi and we went on a nice walk and waited until dinner to be with the family. We went to Mary’s Pizza Shack because it’s pretty kid friendly and I wanted something easy. I devoured my food and then afterwards we went to my parents house and had Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. Was I really celebrating my 27th birthday? Or was I celebrating my 10th? Haha.

The weekend before my birthday was really nice. I worked on Saturday and then on Sunday (the 7th), we went and got some photo’s taken of Levi for spring. I am super excited to get those back! I check my email a thousand times a day waiting for them to arrive! We went and got lunch after the photos and then drove back home. My parents came over to our house to watch Levi while Jesse took me out to dinner. We went to this nice little restaurant in this small town and I actually had an alcoholic drink! If you know me you know I don’t drink at all, so this was a big deal. It was actually delicious and I’d totally go back and get another one! It was a really nice dinner and I liked being taken out šŸ™‚

SO after all of that from last weekend, I spent the rest of last week stressing about Jesse going on a fishing trip from Thursday-Sunday. I took Levi and Wilson over to my parents house and my mom watched Levi for me Thursday and Friday and I took the weekend off of work so that she could have a break since she was alone. My dad went on the fishing trip, too. She was exhausted to say the least and I can’t blame her! I had a nice time with her, though. I got Hello Fresh delivered so that we could have dinners already planned out for us! Smart, huh? We went to Target early Sunday morning so that we could beat the rush and I scored on a ton of clothes. Have you ever had one of those shopping trips where you don’t try on anything and it all ends up fitting you and looking fabulous? Yeah, it was like that. Anyways, it’s really nice to be back home now with Jesse. I really missed him. Where he went, there was no cell reception so I didn’t get to talk to him unless he drove out to a local store or something like that.

I signed up for the gym a few weeks ago and last Saturday I went for a training appointment (everyone gets one free session when they sign up) and I completely failed. The session was only 25 minutes and I couldn’t even last because I wanted to puke and I felt so dizzy. I think I was dehydrated but holy crap was I embarrassed. I’m still embarrassed. Like, should I just quit the gym and never show my face ever again? I won’t do that but I feel like it. I’m also still so freaking sore. My legs were sore just after doing the 10  minutes that I was able to push through. Yesterday I could hardly walk and today I’m still sore! I really haven’t been doing much since I quit the personal trainer over a month ago. The girl at the gym seemed annoyed that I didn’t want to sign up for a personal trainer and I tried to explain to her that I’ll be quitting my job soon so I won’t be able to afford it and she just blankly stared at me. Whatevs. I really want to lose weight and it’s so annoying because I know exactly what to do to lose the weight but I catch myself making stupid mistakes. I’m hoping once I’m off work I can really focus on my nutrition because it’s so important.

Okay, enough about me. Levi now has his two front teeth popped out! He is so freaking adorable I can’t handle the cuteness. He’s making a new sound as he talks now and it sounds hilarious and I love it. He crawls like a maniac and also stand up so quickly using anything he can get his hands on to help him up. We’re still trying the whole sippy cup transition and it’s taking time but he’s finally mastered sipping the puree out of those puree packs and we also have a sippy cup with a straw and he knows how to use that now! Progress for sure. I just need him to drink his milk out of there. He’s been taking only one nap for the past several days and I think that’s going to be his new normal now, which I guess I don’t mind too much. He’s been sleeping in his crib for the first half of the night and taking only one bottle now! If he wakes up any other times he’s easily coaxed back to sleep by us rubbing his back. I still wish we had a chair in his room because I don’t like that he comes back into our bed for the second half of his sleep but trying to get Jesse to buy a chair is like pulling teeth I tell ya! I don’t think Levi will be walking by his birthday but maybe in another month or so he’ll be walking on his own! I still can’t wrap my head around a little person just walking around my house. He grew up so fast! His birthday is next week and we plan on taking him to the zoo for the first time so I hope it all works out and we’re able to go because I think it would be so much fun for him!


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