10 Months Old.

Guys. Levi is officially 10 months old (and a few days). He has a tooth on the top that’s slightly peeking through…which is causing him some trouble lately. He’s been extremely fussy at home but of course is the perfect angel when we’re out and about. The nights have been rough for all of us. He’s been waking up crying a lot and I hate to give him Tylenol for the pain but I have been at night just to help. He’s been obsessed with standing and walking around while we hold his arms up for support. He’s crawling a lot more, but still has his moments where he’s stubborn and will cry and whine if he wants to be held. He’s currently crawling all over the floor playing with a block and I’m so proud of him!

Today since he was so fussy, I decided to take him to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. I’ve been on the lookout for a cute basket for downstairs to place some of his toys in and I’ve had no luck. Who knew baskets were so expensive?! I’m too cheap to be spending $30+ on a damn basket. I don’t want a wicker basket, I want like, a linen basket? I don’t know the proper names of things so whatever. We also got him a real high chair today! We went to Buy Buy Baby and picked one out and I’m so excited to use it! I’m tired of using the chair that hooks up to a dining chair. We got that because our house is super tiny so I wanted to save space but now I’m annoyed with it and I feel like he needs something nicer and bigger. Yesterday was also an errand day. We went to Costco and Safeway. Also had to stop by Ulta to pick up a couple of items. Last week I wasn’t feeling the best and I honestly thought I had mold poisoning. MOLD POISONING. It was just allergies 🙂 haha. I found spots on my beauty blender and thought it was mold so I threw it out. I mean, it could have been mold I’m not sure but after I threw it out I realized I had no foundation brushes and no more beauty blenders. I put my foundation on with my hands the rest of the week. I used to do that when I first started doing my makeup and wow, what a throw back. I hated it. The feeling of foundation on my fingers and not being able to blend out everything really disturbed me but it was better than going bare-faced. I’ve been taking some allergy meds and I’m feeling a lot better so yay for realizing I didn’t have mold poisoning!

Today was weird. I’ve been suuuper emotional. After my workout this morning (which was awesome), I came home so sad and started crying. I’m not really sure where the sadness came from. Maybe because I have to work tomorrow?  My house is a disaster? Dishes weren’t clean? I don’t know. I’ve also been having really bad blood sugars lately and it seems like no matter what I do, I’m always running high. I should probably see my endo soon to help me with this but it’s for sure affecting me. It’s really frustrating. It’s hard taking care of yourself when you’re taking care of your family, too. I was telling Jesse that I haven’t had a pedicure since before I had Levi. I’m not a manicure girl because my jobs always seem to ruin my nails but I love having my toes done! I’ve also had a gift card for a facial for almost a year now and I’ve had zero time to go and do it. I should really set some time aside for myself.  Everyone should every once in a while.

This week’s goals are to find a day to pamper myself and to work harder at my blood sugars and eating healthier. There was a day last week where I packed a really good lunch and snacks and I ended up eating so bad the entire day because we had an event at work where they catered Mexican food. It was so good that I ate it the entire day I was at work, but it did nothing for me health wise. Anyways, I’m hoping this week will be much different! Sending good vibes to everyone, and make some goals for yourself this week! Reward yourself once you complete them, too.


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