A Weird Week Ahead.

So I know I didn’t post yesterday but I figured I’d just do it today. I had nobody to watch Levi for me today so I had to have it off but having today off meant that I have to work on SUNDAY *insert extremely mad emoji + crying emoji*. The one day I get to spend with my family, I have to work. I will forever pout about this issue and I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s annoying. It’s been extremely taxing on my mental health as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I love making my own money and getting out of the house baby-free, but it is really hard because not only am I working on a Sunday, I’m scheduled to close all week which  means Levi will most likely be asleep by the time I get home or he’ll be going to be shortly after I get home so I don’t really get to be with him. I do get to spend time with him in the mornings which are always fun so I’ll just have to soak it all in as much as I can.

Anyways, we tried giving him mac and cheese that had pieces of pasta in it and Levi was NOT a fan. He gagged and spit it out, so that’s great. I feel myself getting frustrated that he hasn’t progressed as fast as other babies and I need to snap out of it. He’s still isn’t crawling but I’m able to get him to kind of crawl when I place his favorite puffs in front of him! It’s a work in progress still. He loves to walk, though! Maybe he’ll get the hang of it in a month or so but he walks everywhere when we hold his arms up for balance.

My personal training is coming to and end pretty soon so I finally went to a gym over the weekend to get a 7 day pass so that I could try it out. I was able to go this morning for about 30 minutes and I was really pleased with the set up and I know if I go often, it wont take me long to get super comfortable there. I already feel more comfortable in a gym setting after all these personal training sessions I’ve had. The only thing I think I’d struggle with is coming up with a plan every time I go to the gym. Last night I wrote down workouts to do and how many sets/reps for each so that when I went today, I’d be more than prepared and I wouldn’t walk around like a deer in headlights. It was a success!

I finally got my cat back from my parents house. I missed her so much and as soon as I let her out of her carrier, my dog went right up to her sniffing her and wagging his tail. It melted my heart for sure! I think he missed her šŸ™‚ I sure did. Well, this is a super short post and I’m sorry there’s not much going on! I’m feeling inspired to get healthy and excited to workout and eat better. I’ve been eating so freaking bad it’s insane. I just have to come up with new ideas to make food exciting again. It’s hard to plan dinner when I close at work because I get home late but last week Jesse made ground turkey taco’s following instructions that I gave him and they turned out awesome so I’m excited for him to make them again this week! We’ve somewhat ditched red meat and are sticking with turkey and chicken. Anyone else get grossed out by ground beef sometimes? Or maybe all of the time, haha. I’m probably more of a vegetarian than I think I am to be honest.

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