Levi Is 9 Months Old.

Where did the time go? Technically he turned nine months old last week. It’s been quite a week since we got back from vacation. There’s been doctor visits and even an ambulance ride! A day after we got back from vacation I was able to book an appointment to see a speech and physical therapy pediatrician because of Levi’s lack of interest in solid foods. She gave us a ton of information and basically said that if he only wanted purees until 18 months, to let him eat purees until 18 months! Wild number in my opinion. I hope he gets used to solids before then but a mama can only hope, right? She gave us some tips and tricks to help move this process along and get him used to the textures of solid foods. So far, he isn’t a fan of the mesh feeder thing (don’t know the proper name so that’s what I’m  calling it). I’ve tried frozen banana which he wasn’t a big fan of and today I put spaghetti inside of it and he actually preferred sticking his hand in the spaghetti and sauce instead. I am happy about that one! He loved the spaghetti sauce. It had ground turkey in it so I made sure to break it up into smaller pieces and he enjoyed it a lot. He got fussy during our feeding so I pureed the leftovers and I’ll try feeding it to him later on tonight.

He just woke up from a  3 hour nap! I was able to sleep 2 of those hours with him and I feel a lot better too. My blood sugars were quite high when I woke up so I’m sure that’s why I was extra sleepy. Anyways, he’s been doing good with his naps and we don’t have any issues with him really. Some days of course are better than others but today he took some good naps! We went to the doctor today for his 9 month checkup and the doctor says he’s doing great. He says he’s measuring the size of most 15 month olds which I’m not surprised since he’s such a chunk. He’s 30 inches long and 26 pounds! The doctor said he isn’t concerned with Levi not crawling since Levi rolls around everywhere. You can put something somewhere and he’ll eventually roll his way over to it no matter where it is. We’re still doing a ton of tummy time so he’ll eventually learn to crawl, though. It’s one of my goals for him this month! Levi currently has a really bad cold so he’s been having a really bad cough and you can tell he has mucous in his throat because when he coughs, he’ll gag and then swallow which brings me to my next story…

Saturday morning he woke up with that nasty cough and I almost didn’t go to work that day because I was so worried about him. I had Jesse call the advice nurse and after all the questions she asked him, she said he was fine. Well, that night when I was feeding him before his bedtime he was being really fussy and then he’d cough that nasty cough and it would scare me. I decided to go downstairs to call the advice nurse again and while I was trying to get ahold of someone (so many automated prompts!), Levi started to projectile vomit. Jesse started freaking out which then made me freak out, so I hung up and called 911. They sent out an ambulance right away and while they were on their way, Levi was still throwing up. In the bathroom, in the bathtub, down the stairs, and in the sink. His face was all red and his eyes were watery and he looked like he was really having a hard time breathing right. I honestly thought our son was going to die. Like, really. It was so terrifying. When the ambulance got to my house Levi had stopped throwing up and was acting like he was completely fine. We decided to go on the ambulance to the hospital because I was afraid he was going to throw up in the car and I wouldn’t be able to help him like they would. The entire ride there he was content and hardly made a peep. His vitals all came back normal. At the hospital they checked his lungs and they said they were clear, which was my biggest concern. Levi really scared us that night. Apparently he was vomiting because of all the milk in his tummy and with him gagging when he coughed, it was probably his way of just getting everything out. He hasn’t thrown up since that night but I’m being really cautious with him. I was mostly terrified of this cough since the speech doctor told us that if he had watery eyes or a wet cough while eating it could mean that something is in his lungs so I was terrified of him getting pneumonia or something. He’s fine, he just has a bad cold unfortunately. The only remedy is for him to have some time in the cold air or steam and to just wait it out.

Besides all of that, he’s doing pretty good. He acts like the happy baby he always is. He talks all the time and loves to clap his hands and watch the cars go by. I still cannot believe he’s going to be a year old in three more months. We do let him watch TV sometimes (judge me all you want crazy moms!) and his favorite thing to watch is Paw Patrol. I don’t let him watch a lot of it because it bugs me when I look over and he’s just staring at the TV but he mostly watches it in the mornings when he wakes up. He still loves the Baby Shark video and I swear he dances to it now. Jesse went back to work today so Levi will be able to spend time with his family members again. Except things are about to change and I’m not sure how available some people will be so that’s a little stressful situation I’m in right now. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to work anymore but if I don’t work how will I get health insurance? If I didn’t have diabetes I guess I wouldn’t really care but I kind of have a serious disease to deal with so it makes a big difference. I’m not really sure what’s going to happen within the next couple of weeks. We’re going to be short staffed again and they’ll need me to work five days but I can hardly keep up with that already, and then throw on top not having anyone to watch my son? A big “WTF am I gunna do?!” moment. I guess we’ll deal with it when we have to deal with it…


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