The Final Countdown.

We leave in a couple days for the east coast! I am super excited but also super terrified and anxious. I know Levi will be fine but I still worry anyways. I have a feeling I’ll be crying when we leave him to go to the airport. Our flight is at 8AM so we’ll have to leave our house at 5 to make it there in time since we’re leaving out of San Francisco and there will be commute traffic. Whenever I think about it I start to get butterflies in my stomach because I’m nervous. If you didn’t know this about me, I actually don’t like San Francisco at all and whenever we go somewhere I always try to find flights out of Oakland because it’s closer. Anyways, we’ll be heading to Boston, MA first and then going to New York a few days later! I’ll be sure to take a lot of photo’s to share with you all!

So last week wasn’t too bad (from what I can remember). It was a lot of doing the same ol’ stuff. We think Wilson’s itching is coming from allergies that could be seasonal (did I already talk about this? whoops). We have meds to give him and a special shampoo to bathe him in to help with all the redness on his tummy. I’m extremely nervous to have my in-laws give him the medication on time. I just worry, you know? It sucks that this had to happen right before our trip and that I won’t be around to make sure he’s being cared for as much as he possibly can. I gave him a bath with the special shampoo today so he should be fine until we come back next week to have another bath. I worry a lot about him too while we’re going to be gone.

Levi finally ate shredded cheese for Jesse but hasn’t had any for me. Although he isn’t eating solids as fast as all the other babies I know of his age or older, I just need to not worry about it. He’ll get there eventually. Hopefully. I’m not going to give up! He’s such a joy to be around. I love when he babbles and screams, it’s music to my ears! Happy screams, that is. He still sleeps with us in bed, which I still love although I’m planning on putting him back into his crib once the weather gets warmer. It’s so cold at night that I just love having him with us to cuddle with. I remember always saying, “I’ll never let my baby sleep with us in the bed!” Totally judging other parents who did. Now look at me! Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

I posted a little body update video on my Instagram earlier because I was feeling so good about how far I’ve come. I was a little embarrassed at first but everyone’s got a body so like, who cares! Every woman is beautiful and unique in their own ways and it should be embraced completely. Whether you’ve given birth or not. It’s obviously so easy to say now that I’m feeling better about myself because I definitely didn’t have this mindset a few months ago. I was so ecstatic today and the other day when I tried on some pre baby jeans and they FIT! Like, didn’t have to suck in it at all. Sure, the number on the scale hasn’t gone down dramatically but it didn’t have to. I’ve lost body fat and gained muscle and I’m obsessed with everything I’ve been doing lately. I’ve really tried and I’m so proud of myself. Not every day is a good day. Yesterday I ate terribly and today was just OK, nothing great. I accept it and I move forward and continue to eat good. I don’t want to give this up. I’m totally bummed that my training is about to end soon. I’ll have to try to make all these gains on my own and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about it. I just hope I stay committed. I still haven’t signed up to a gym yet but there’s a new one close by that interests me so I plan on getting a free pass soon to try it out.

I feel like I haven’t talked about my blood sugars in a while. They were horrible a week ago and out of nowhere the past couple of days they’ve been awesome! Not sure what I was doing but they were pretty low actually that I seriously thought I was pregnant. I even took a test because they were shockingly low (not in a bad way). Pregnancy test is false, by the way. I must have just been doing really well with guessing carbs and doing the right amount of insulin! I did go high a couple of times today because I indulged a little. I finally got my Dexcom delivery and am wearing it right now! I should have never taken that break to be honest because it’s so helpful and it will be extremely helpful on this trip!

I have work tomorrow and then I’ll be staying at my parents house overnight so that it’ll be easier to leave in the morning instead of dropping Levi off at 5AM. I’ll try and write next Monday to talk about some of our adventures! Hope everyone has a great week 🙂

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