7 Months + 1 Week Postpartum.

YOU GUYS! We got our Christmas tree yesterday! A real one! Jesse’s been wanting a real Christmas tree for a while now and I finally jumped on board with it. I really like the ease of a fake one that already has the lights attached to it but I have to say, I love how much cozier a real one makes our home. It makes Levi’s first Christmas more special. We found the perfect size and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. Time to go find some Christmas tree lights and then I can decorate it! I might go out with Levi today to get some lights. Yesterday we had a lot of errands to run and he did so well! He makes his parents proud!

I had my workout this morning and I woke up feeling so good! I mean, my stomach is a little bloated for whatever reason but I bought myself new workout leggings yesterday in a smaller size than what I was wearing before and it’s so funny how little things like that can really boost your self confidence. I am still not anywhere near where I was pre baby but I’m damn proud of how far I’ve come! I notice myself having a lot more muscle and being stronger overall. I’m really in love with this whole process. It’s amazing and I don’t plan on quitting. I’m already talking to Jesse about signing up for a gym membership when this is all over with. Unless you make a lot of money, a personal trainer is really expensive and we can’t really afford it. I’m lucky that I’m getting help right now but I don’t expect this help forever, you know? It’s just not practical. I’m really going to miss my trainer, though. I really like her and when I workout it’s almost as if I’m hanging out with a friend at the same time. I have no clue if she feels the same way, haha. I’m sure she just considers herself spending time with a client (obviously) but I like to think that I’m hanging out with a friend, it makes it more enjoyable for me.

Anyways, I’m really looking forward to this upcoming weekend because we’re taking a trip down to Monterey. It’ll only be for a night but I’m really excited to take Levi to the aquarium! I love watching him take in new things. I always wonder what his thoughts are when experiencing something new. I’m hoping he’ll be ok on the drive there, it isn’t super far away but lets hope that he’ll end up sleeping on the way! Life is going well, guys. I still have really hard days sometimes. Okay, a lot of days are difficult but the ones that are good really are good and set me up to having a somewhat of a successful week. Having a good weekend is really crucial. Cleaning the house, having fun with my family, and setting up the meals for the week are my top priority. I always want to share recipe’s on here but I always forget so later on I’m going to try and share my dinner (with pictures) and the recipe! Chicken enchiladas are on the menu tonight, with a Verde enchilada sauce!

Our pets have been amazing with Levi. Wilson (pictured above) actually doesn’t care about Levi at all! I’m so lucky to have a dog that’s not all up in my baby’s face. We still try to keep them apart just in case! Sometimes people don’t realize how dangerous their pets can be around a new baby! Your lovely Fido can be the best dog ever who’s never bit a soul, but once your baby pulls on his fur or runs into his feet with a walker, things can change! Protect your pets and your babies! It’s so so important. Our cat is the same. She doesn’t go near Levi but he’s obsessed with her so he tries to go near her with his walker and she usually just runs away 😂

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