7 Months Postpartum.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?? If you celebrate, I hope you were able to eat some good food! Levi had his first taste of mashed potatoes and gravy, which he wasn’t a big fan of, haha. Since Levi’s two bottom teeth have started to come in he’s been quite fussy! It’s kind of hard to keep him happy for as long as before. I just have to remind myself that it’ll pass and one day this will all be a distant memory, ha! No but really, it just means he needs extra love and cuddles when he’s upset and that’s fine with us (even though it can be stressful sometimes when we’re trying to get things done). He’s the cutest chunk in all the land I swear. Yesterday we went and got photo’s taken at the mall with his cousins and we got some really cute photo’s! He was pretty fussy yesterday but it wasn’t that horrible to where he wouldn’t take pictures. His new favorite thing is “baby shark” on YouTube so Jesse played the video over the photographers head to get him to look in her direction. He had a really cute outfit on and while we were leaving, my SIL realized that he had wet himself and it went through his clothes. Luckily his pants were black so you couldn’t even see. For some reason when I dress him up in cute clothes I just want to take them all off and put him in sweats and comfy shirt. I just like him to be comfortable, ya know? Is anyone else this way?

Well, since I ate pretty bad the past few days I need to get myself back on track. I did really well yesterday and I’m hoping I’ll end today with staying under my calorie goal. I had an awesome workout this morning. I was telling Jordan, my trainer, that I love that I’m not sweating at the gym but I know I’m still getting in a great workout. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to leave the gym all sweaty and gross and feeling accomplished but you don’t always have to be sweaty! I absolutely love working with weights and seeing the results of me getting stronger. Today we did a workout that I remember being awful at and not being able to do it right, to now doing it with ease. The workout was still tough and I could definitely feel the burn but it was easier for me to do….if that makes any sense. In regards to my diabetes, it’s been alright. I was thinking in my head earlier today how I used to be able to eat or snack on whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted growing up. It’s insane how your body can just change on you and your whole world gets flipped upside down. That’s what becoming a diabetic did to me at least. Everything I was used to was out the window. I’ll never be able to eat without thinking anything about how many carbs it has or how it’ll effect my sugars. Although I’m used to this new life of mine, I still get a little envious of the people who don’t have to worry about food like I do. I don’t like to dwell on my disease so I try not to talk about it often but sometimes I wish I had someone to relate to. I don’t talk to Jesse about it much, sometimes I get sad that he still doesn’t understand it all the time but that’s not his fault. I try to act as normal as possible so I can understand why he treats me like I don’t have diabetes. He is really good at getting me whatever I need if I tell him I’m having a low so that’s always really helpful, and he does know all the terminology. He knows what my lancets, test strips, needles, and insulin pens are so that’s good enough for me!

Anyways, how is everyone doing with their Christmas shopping? Have you started yet? I started Jesse’s last month so I’m almost done with him and I’m working on the rest of my family. I get so overwhelmed! I try to make lists of what to get people so I can stay somewhat organized. I spent a lot of money over the weekend (and today) on stuff mostly for myself, oops… But hey! I needed that stuff. I literally only wear like two pairs of jeans so American Eagle was having a sale and I snagged a couple pairs from there, and then I bought myself some shoes because I’ve been wearing the same pair of boots for the past three years that I got at TJ Maxx and I feel like I need an upgrade! Also, rose gold Toms!? How could I not get those? Perfect for when you want to be dressed up but still casual! Okay, I went a little overboard but it could have been worse! At least I got everything on sale, right? I’m kind of cheap when it comes to clothes anyways because I always feel like I can find certain items cheaper somewhere else and then I’ll just wait until I do find it which can take forever it seems like!

I think this weekend we’re going to get a REAL Christmas tree! I’m super excited about it and also nervous?? Why am I nervous?? I feel like the tree is going to be a complete mess and I’m going to hate it but ya know, whatever Jesse wants, Jesse gets! No, not really. It’s mostly the other way around but in this case it applies to him, haha! He actually surprised me the other day with a new computer! I’m typing on it right now and I’m freaking obsessed! We went computer shopping a few weeks ago and the computer we liked was pretty expensive so we decided we’d wait or maybe look at others. Well, the computer went on sale because of Black Friday so he went out and bought it and surprised me with it when I got home from work! Goodbye MacBook Air! Geez, I think I’ve had that laptop for about 6 years now. I absolutely love my new desktop PC. I don’t think I’d go back to using a Mac to be honest with you! It’s just too expensive and not really necessary.

Levi just woke up from his (really) short nap so I gotta go help this babe be entertained since he’s a fuss monster. Lord help me!

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