6 Months + 4 Weeks Postpartum.

Anyone else feeling slightly overwhelmed lately with the holidays coming up? I know I am! As I sit here thinking of everything I need to do I’m feeling a rush of anxiety that I can’t seem to get rid of. It could be the coffee I drank earlier, though…I’ve been really excited to spend the holidays with Levi and watch him soak everything in like the christmas lights, tree, and gifts (mostly wanting to play with wrapping paper). I know he won’t actually care about the gifts themselves. I went to the dollar store by my house yesterday and found all the things I’d need to make a wreath and it turned out really cute! I highly recommend going there first if you plan on making your own wreath. They had small wreaths and fake flowers and pinecones, pretty much everything you’d need to decorate your wreath. I’ve gone a little crazy with shopping recently, more crazy than I’d like to admit but I can finally say that Jesse will probably have one of the best Christmas’ of all time! I think I’ve got some really good gifts for him. He’s the type of person to always buy himself everything he needs so when Christmas comes around he’s so hard to shop for! I’m not sure what we’ll end up getting Levi because I already know he’ll be spoiled by family members. Our house is really small so I hope we don’t have a bunch of bulky toys! We’ll see, though.

I had a good weekend! I had Saturday off to go to my friends son’s first birthday party and Sunday was spent just with Jesse and Levi. I don’t get to have both Saturday’s and Sunday’s off so it made me kind of sad that it couldn’t be my normal. I’m totally jealous of those who get both days off! I like having days off during the week too, though. It’s nice being able to go out and about and the stores aren’t jam packed with people.

I had a great workout this morning. I really enjoyed it. We’ve been doing a lot with weights and it’s really tough but I can’t imagine doing anything else! I attempted yoga yesterday and I just can’t do it. It’s way too slow for me and it’s hard for me to not want to get up and run around. It could be because I did a beginners video on YouTube and was quite bored with it to be honest.  I’m not saying it’s not difficult, though! I’ve seen some of the poses that people do and they look really hard and I know I definitely can’t do those without having a ton of practice. I weighed myself yesterday and I was quite happy with the results! I’m trying really hard to be in a calorie deficit. I’m not saying I’ve been eating salads all day long because I definitely haven’t. Yesterday I had sushi and a cauliflower crust pizza (not for one meal, gross!). I’ve just been choosing wisely so that I can still eat yummy foods when I want to. I’m definitely feeling so much more confident lately. I’m still not 100% and most photo’s of myself I tend to hate and despise but I feel good enough to get dressed and go outside! That’s an improvement, haha. It was only a couple months ago where I remember not even wanting to leave my house because I hated myself so much. Yikes. The road to being happy with myself after having a baby has (and still is) been quite the journey. I only wish I could have been one of those new moms who embraces every little hiccup or sad day, but I’m not. Sad days are really sad for me. I know I don’t go into too much detail but I’m sure you can imagine if you’ve ever dealt with something similar.

Okay, enough about me and more about LEVI! Two days ago Jesse found TEETH! My little munchkin has two teeth on the bottom coming through! I almost cried! He’s growing so fast and I just want everything to slow down. He’s been sitting like a champ still and I’m trying to teach him the movements for crawling but I know that’ll happen within the next couple of months at his own pace. He’s been a little fussy but nothing terrible lately. I mean, it definitely sucks at night. He’s been waking up two hours after being put down and the only way to get him to go back to sleep is with a bottle unfortunately. I don’t want to bulk up my son even more than he already is but it’s the only thing that works! He still sleeps in his crib for a bit of the night and eventually makes his way into our bed, which I love. I don’t care what anyone has to say about it! I don’t care what other moms do with their children so I think it’s silly if anyone judges me. I love waking up next to him and his cute squishy face!

I hope everyone has a good holiday this week and gets to spend time with their loved ones! I’m so happy I don’t have to work on Thanksgiving this year. When you work with animals it’s kind of hard to get holiday’s off because they need love and care, too! Since it’s giving season, be sure to look into how you can help donate to all of the California fire victims! A lot of people on social media only mention the southern California fire but the northern California fire is 10x worse! Well, regardless of which fire is worse there are a lot of people who need assistance right now and any little donation really does make a difference!

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