6 Months + 3 Weeks Postpartum.

Oh My Goodness! My arms are completely dead after todays workout. They’re like noodles and I’m curious on how I’ll be able to pick Levi up throughout the day, haha. Well I had a good weekend! How was yours? I worked on Saturday which wasn’t bad but I couldn’t wait to go home of course. The air quality is so poor due to the fires here in California. Which, by the way, I feel like all the attention is going to the fire in southern California but the one in northern California is way worse!  Just a little FYI for those who don’t know!

I had ordered a pair of shoes for Levi and this kid has bigger feet than I thought. I mean, he’s only a size 3 but literally every place I look doesn’t have shoes in his size. Must be popular or something. I had to go to Nordstrom to find shoes for him. We bought him a pair of converse and vans and they make my heart melt, they’re so cute! Poor Levi, he’s been having some sort of rash on his cheeks lately and I have a suspicion it’s probably eczema or something so I’m just applying some balm/lotion on his cheeks to help. I’m not a perfume wearing girl so I just have to let his grandma’s know to lay off the perfume or smelly lotions when they watch him! What is it with grandma’s and their perfumes? Hi, mom! Haha 🙂

Other than my poor baby and his cheeks, he’s been a pretty happy boy as of late. I mean, he’s always pretty happy unless he’s tired but that’s normal baby behavior. Before I forget to mention this monumental thing, HE SLEPT FOR 8 HOURS STRAIGHT LAST NIGHT! It’ll probably be a one time thing with my luck but holy smokes, I feel like a brand new human being. It was my night last night and lets be real, us mama’s are the ones who get the least amount of sleep. Even when it’s Jesse’s “night” I still wake up early for work or the gym and he gets to sleep in a guaranteed two days a week when I take Levi to my family’s house in the morning on my way to work. So anyways, I woke up around 3AM freaking out thinking he was in the bed somehow buried under the pillows until I saw him on the monitor and I kind of just stared at it until I heard him make a sigh and then move, so I figured he was going to wake up. He didn’t! I woke up again around 5AM thinking, “holy shit is he alive?,” so I went to check on him and yes, he was alive and sleeping. He eventually woke up around 6 and was chatting in his crib so I continued to stay in bed until he started crying. Jesse woke up to go to the bathroom and ended up just getting Levi and bringing him downstairs so I could stay in bed even longer (what a saint). Needless to say, I’m in an extremely good mood today. This must be how other moms feel who have babies who sleep throughout the night. I really hope this isn’t a one time thing!

He was such a good boy yesterday when we went out and about to some stores. I love bringing him places with me now, I feel a lot more confident now that he can sit up. It just makes things easier if I have to put him in a cart. I’ve been in a weird mood to go shopping. I hate it because I have no money for shopping but I recently went through all of my sweatshirts and tossed out all of the really old ones, which was 90% of them. I think I deserve new sweaters and jackets! Plus, most of them didn’t fit me anymore anyways because they were so old. I also hate 90% of my shirts so I wish I could throw them all out and buy new ones but that’s not going to happen anytime soon! Side note, when I say “throw out” I mean donate of course!

I wasn’t going to mention this but the past several days have been super rough for me. I’m not sure why I’ve been so down and hard on myself but it happens. I’m still recovering from the hard week I had but I’m hopeful this week will be better. I haven’t had anything nice to say to myself, about myself. When I get this way I’m also an asshole to the ones around me, too. After having an argument with Jesse one night last week I woke up feeling terrible about everything. It’s not the best feeling in the world and I’m sure someone out there can relate. I think it’s a good thing that I can acknowledge where I was wrong and apologize. Some people struggle with that, I think. Anyways, I just wanted to mention it so that maybe if anyone else is going through a tough week or day that they can be hopeful that it’s almost over and to always acknowledge how you’re treating your loved ones because it’s never fair for others to suffer because you’re suffering. It’s hard to realize that sometimes but it’s necessary, in my opinion.

The baby is waking up from his nap so I shall go now but I’m sending all my love to anyone who’s suffering right now, especially to all the fire victims from northern and southern California.

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