6 Months Postpartum.

Check out these two cuties from my work over the weekend. They got adopted because of this picture I took 🙂

Levi is going to be 6 months tomorrow! I get super emotional when I think/talk about it. I just cannot believe it’s been six months since bringing him into this world! He’s grown so much and he brings such joy to everyone in our family. He’s starting to sit up already on his own and he’s doing so well! We’ve been dealing with a rash lately that we think is caused from his drool going onto his shirt and then his shirt rubbing his chest? We’ll see what the doctor thinks on Thursday at his appointment. Lately I’ve been really wishing I could stay at home with him more because I miss him a lot when I’m away from him.

Today I had to have a procedure done and I’m still not feeling 100% so I’m currently in bed while Levi takes a nap. I’d try to sleep, too, but with my luck he’ll wake up soon. I was lucky yesterday and got in a nap and Jesse watched Levi and took him for a walk while I slept. Dad goals. Which by the way, how did I get so lucky to have a partner who loves his son so much?! I mean, you’d think that that’s normal but I get emails from a group I joined through an app on my phone and some of these dads are awful! Totally not saying all dads are awful by the way…just saying it shocked me how long it takes for some men to connect with their babies. I guess it makes a little sense since they didn’t actually carry the child for 40 weeks.

I’ve been thinking lately how bad I want to move. I wish we could just pack up our stuff and leave to a different state. Washington to be exact. I crave the green scenery that California lacks. I want nice, crisp, fresh air and cooler weather. It also is way cheaper out there so a house in California is 10x smaller than a house in Washington for the same price. When we bought the house we live in now it was a tough decision. We could have bought a house for the same price a few cities over that would have been bigger with a yard and a garage but the commute to work and home would have been awful that we decided to buy a townhouse in a city that went against traffic. I always feel bad when I see everyone sitting in traffic to and from work in the mornings/afternoons. Totally not worth it to me. So one day I’d love to move. Hopefully within the next few years. It sucks since family lives here but I crave something new and different.

This post is short. I don’t have much to update you guys on. Maybe I’ll go into more detail about my procedure in a different post but for now it’s just too personal for me to talk about. It’s a little TMI. Levi’s doing great. He’s super silly and I love him so much I want to squeeze him just thinking about him. Jesse and I are doing well. Wilson and Moka are doing fine, too. No gym for me today since I had that appointment so I’ll be going Thursday and Friday. I’m making stew for dinner tonight which sounds so comforting and I already can’t wait. I bought frozen green beans at the store to turn into baby food for Levi so I’m excited for him to try that later this week. I’m exhausted so I’m going to try to rest some more 🙂 talk to you next week!

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