24 Weeks Postpartum.

My trainer completely kicked my butt today during my workout! Whew. It’s been a couple of hours later and I’m still feeling tired from it. I didn’t tell her that I was super close to wanting to barf, lol. I had a burrito last night for dinner and woke up feeling like total garbage. Probably didn’t help that my blood sugar was 255! When it comes to rice,beans, and cheese it’s a slow incline in my blood sugar so it was fine when I checked it before bed but clearly rose in the middle of the night. I don’t wear my Dexcom anymore so I don’t know my middle of the night numbers. Anyways, thinking of last nights dinner still makes me want to barf. Gross! Definitely wasn’t worth it!

I had a pretty tough night with Levi last night. He didn’t sleep for long periods of times so I was up several times. Weird, because the night before he slept for 7 hours and then 5 hours! That’s the first 7 hour stretch of sleep he had ever done so I was really hoping it was going to happen again last night. Oh well. We finally took apart the baby swing! It’s so nice to have more space in my house. I purchased a pac n play mattress so that he could take his naps in the pac n play downstairs. It’s working out really well so far, he’s napping it in right now and yesterday he took a two hour nap in it. In other exciting news, we’ve been trying a lot of foods! So far we’ve tried applesauce, sweet potato (his fave), avocado, and banana. He’s not the biggest fan of baby rice cereal so honestly I don’t use that because it doesn’t have any nutritional value anyways. I finally got my silicone ice cube trays so I made my own sweet potato purée for him! It’s super easy to do and only took me 15 minutes or so. Next I want to make some pea purée and I probably should be doing that right now but I’m SO exhausted today so I’m soaking up this time to chill and relax and be a potato.

So I was thinking of something yesterday and it made me super sad. When I had Levi, I never took a photo with me and Jesse right after. When people have babies that’s like the first photo they post and we never even did that. Honestly it’s not a big deal I guess but it brought back memories of how I was after giving birth. I remember I was exhausted and felt super sick. I feel kind of guilty for not feeling over the moon and happy and excited about just having a baby. Can anyone else relate? I hope so. I couldn’t help but cry a little and luckily Jesse told me that I’m fine and it’s okay. Just having a little positivity during my sadness made me feel better about feeling like shit. It’s just a photo. I also remember feeling gross and ugly and just wanting to shower and get the heck out of the hospital. I don’t know why I started thinking about that and feeling down over it. He’s literally the light of my life and the cutest little chunk! Can’t imagine my life without him!

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