22 Weeks Postpartum.

My workouts have been going amazing! I absolutely love them and look forward to them. Highly highly highly recommend if you’re able to do so! I feel so much happier and healthy already. I’ve been eating really well also. I’ve totally had a couple days where I’d indulge but if I don’t do that then I know I’ll give up or binge altogether. That’s just me, though. Some people might be able to stay strict but ya girl needs ice cream every once in a while to stay sane! I know it’s only been a little over a week but I already see a difference in my mood. My thoughts are more happy about life and I’m genuinely excited about things.

Did I mention I bought Levi’s Halloween costume? Well, I did a few weeks ago and while I was at Target I found a MATCHING costume! I’m so stoked for Halloween now and I don’t even have plans! So maybe I just wasted $25 on a matching costume but it’s all about the photos and memories, right? Right! Levi’s been doing pretty good lately with a few fussy days here and there. I’m going to assume it’s all teething related (which I think I mentioned last week). He’s finally five months old! Im going to start him on solids soon! Maybe tonight or tomorrow, I want jesse to be present when it’s happening and he’s going to be gone tonight. So yeah, most likely tomorrow. He’s getting so big I’m afraid I’ll need to pull out the 9 month clothing soon! I can’t believe it. I think he’ll be tall like his daddy 🙂 He’s been rolling really well now from back to front/front to back. When I put him down to sleep I’ll place him on his side and he eventually wakes up on his tummy. He does well in the crib but we still only get 3 hour stretches in between feedings. I have NO idea how to cut back on the feedings to be honest because he wakes up crying so I’m not sure how else to help him go back to sleep? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I read that by now he should be sleeping 6 hour stretches. That’s definitely not happening at our house! I wish, though! That would be amazing.

We had a great weekend! After work on Saturday I came home and Jesse had dropped Levi and Wilson off at my parents so we could have a date night. We went to this brewery in Dublin and had the BEST food. I ordered a chocolate molten lava cake and it was amazing. I still think about it. It was so nice to spend time with one another. I think it’s so important to have alone time and we definitely don’t do it enough. Yesterday we went over to my parents house for dinner and the dinner was also amazing! I loved being with everyone, we don’t do it that often these days.

So after he turns 6 months I’m not sure if I’ll still do weekly blog posts. I enjoy writing but sometimes I feel like not enough has gone on throughout the week for me to write about! Maybe I’ll post recipes or just write about certain topics. Sitting down and typing really relaxes me and although I’m not sure many people read my blog, I feel like I’m talking to friends. That might sound weird, I don’t know. If you know me well at all you’d know I enjoy being alone. Like, maybe too much. If I hang out with someone I’m good for a few months before seeing them again. It’s just draining to me sometimes, even though I have a lot of fun! I’m glad I have friends who (hopefully) understand that about me. I don’t think I could be friends with someone who wanted to hang out all the time. I just mentally can’t handle it. The only person I can be around 24/7 is Jesse and even then we do our own thing at home. I just love his company 💗 Anyways, I might post again this week if I have something else to talk about!

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