21 Weeks Postpartum.

I had my first workout this morning and I FEEL AMAZING. Like, wow. My body is already quite sore and I absolutely love it. It’s so addicting that when I was finished I actually didn’t want to be done. I wanted to keep going. I actually ate so bad all weekend and I was mad at myself for it. I overate, a lot. A good friend told me to continue to do good even after I failed once in the day and I’ve always had the mindset of, “oh I messed up, might as well keep messing up and I’ll do better tomorrow” but why do we wait until tomorrow? She completely changed how I thought. I am so excited to do good today and to start to feel good. I feel like I’m on a workout high right now. We started my workout doing a few minutes on the elliptical and stretching beforehand. Then we did some core, arm, and booty exercises. My legs are like jello right now. Jesse said he’s really proud of me and it felt good to hear that. I’m just so thankful to have him and family who support me. I could go to a therapist but I know that’s not what I need. I feel as if I do better when I help myself because I like to think I’m pretty self aware and I know my strengths and weaknesses and I personally just feel like going to someone wouldn’t help me. I could be wrong, though. I just think this little jumpstart on a healthier lifestyle is what I currently need to help me with what I’m going through.

Anyways, lets talk baby. He is rolling like a mad man! Primarily from his back to his stomach. He can roll from his stomach to his back but it’s a bit harder for him so sometimes he starts to cry when he’s on his stomach because he gets stuck there, haha. He’s at such a fun age and I’m living for it. I love how he stares at his toes and talks and laughs and just everything he does is amazing! I missed him so much last night while he was sleeping it was crazy. He’s sleeping the whole night in his crib! He’s also sleeping for longer stretches at a time. He’s currently been going to bed around 8:30 and will wake around 12-1. He’ll then sleep until 3-5 (depending) and then wake up again at 7-7:30. It’s great! The other night when I had to wake up for feedings I only had to wake up once which was awesome since I had to wake up at 5 for work anyways.

He’s also been getting more hair! I love it. He’s changing so much so fast and I just want to cry about it! I don’t want him to grow up! I’m also not sure if I want to start solids at 5 months. I miiiight delay until 6 months but we’ll see. He’s been sleeping so well in his crib at night that I really want to put him in there for naps during the day so we can get rid of the swing but I think that’ll be a slow process. He hasn’t been taking long naps these days which sucks. I know sleep is really important for him so i’m not sure why he isn’t sleeping much. He’s also had some rosy cheeks and I looked it up and I guess it’s a sign of teething! So I’m wondering when little teethers will be popping through. Oh man thats going to be adorable.

Well todays off to a great start and I’m excited for this week ahead! I’m already looking forward to Thursdays workout 🙂

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