20 Weeks Postpartum.

I’ve finally made the decision, guys. After last weeks post I knew I needed some help. I contacted a personal trainer. Honestly it’s way out of my budget but I think of this as an investment in myself. It’ll be on the days I’m off, Monday’s and Thursdays in the mornings! I’m really hoping if I have someone on my side to help me be a better me physically, it’ll help me be better mentally. Right now I’m fucked, mentally. I’m constantly overwhelmed, stressed out, depressed, and irritated. I worry that adding this whole gym thing to my schedule will create more stress but I’m praying it’ll actually make my life better. I hope to be more energized, happy, and healthy. Even as I write this post I’m annoyed and irritated at some current situations in my life and having to take care of a fussy baby kind of makes things worse (but don’t get me wrong I love my son, it just makes things harder sometimes).

Anyways, on a more positive note, we just got back from Lake Tahoe today and I seriously did not want to leave. My family has a cabin up there which makes the trip even more special and fun. We went up Saturday after I got off of work, which was quite hard since Levi was pretty fussy but we made it! We spent yesterday taking walks on trails and bringing Wilson to the lake to swim. For dinner we had spaghetti, which has always been a staple when staying at the cabin. You HAVE to have spaghetti at least one night, it’s like an unspoken rule. I really could have spent weeks up there, I didn’t want to leave. The weather is perfect and the cabin is in a remote area so it’s quiet and I even saw a coyote! I was sitting outside with Levi and Wilson and I thought I saw a dog in the road and I stood up and saw that it was definitely not a dog. I rushed everyone inside for safety, haha. When I went back out to see if it was still there I could see the ears of a rabbit in the tall grass. Not a small rabbit, like a jack rabbit or whatever they’re called. Pretty cool to see those animals.

Levi has been rolling from his back to his stomach quite a lot lately but has somewhat stopped rolling from his stomach to his back? I think I need to do a lot more tummy time! I for sure think he’s in the 4 month sleep regression since he’s been a lot more fussy and hasn’t been sleeping as much. Fortunately for me he’s taking a much needed nap right now ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ I love him so much.

So I’m really stressed about this upcoming work week/life week. Hoping I’ll survive. I’ll keep you all updated in next weeks blog post!

My favorite picture I took of my boys this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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