10 Weeks Postpartum.

(His little hands are the sweetest things on the planet and I’m obsessed)

Hi everyone! This past weekend was a lot of fun for my little family. On Saturday we took our first born (Wilson) to the Richmond dog park, Point Isabel. If you’ve never taken your furry family member there, you should! It’s an awesome little park where you can walk around and your fur child can roam off leash and meet other pups. It’s right by the pacific so they can also take a little dip in the water as well. My dog loves being outdoors and exploring so he had a lot of fun. He does so well when we go out because he’ll sniff around but mainly stays right by our sides while we walk. Definitely a loyal Aussie trait! Levi also did really well while we were out, he loves being outside and stroller rides. We also went to Ikea earlier that day but didn’t end up actually getting anything. Last week I met up with some of my friends for lunch and I brought Levi with me. It was my first time taking him out to a restaurant without Jesse with me. He of course had to sit on my lap the whole time to stay content. Eating pizza over him was a bit of a struggle, haha. He also decided to have a big blowout in his diaper and it was probably the worst poopy diaper I’ve ever had to clean up! Went through his clothes and everything! It was disgusting and hilarious at the same time. Sunday was spent visiting my parents and also doing a bit of shopping at Michaels and Ross. I finally bought a molding kit so I can do Levi’s hand/foot prints. It was nice spending time together and just hanging out being out of the house even though it was quite warm out. Saturday was so hot that’s why we went to a city where it was about 20 degrees cooler.

Levi finally went swimming for the first time Saturday night. I like going swimming at a later time in the day because nobody’s ever at our community pool at that time. Also, then Levi can be outside and I don’t have to worry about him being in the sun and heat. When we stuck his toes into the water he wasn’t amused but Jesse carried him around and he eventually got used to it. He was so cute in his little bathing suit! I was worried about his skin getting dry from the chlorine but he ended up being just fine. He’s been quite the talker lately and still super smiley! He can hold his head up so well and I’m terrible with tummy time so I’m kind of shocked but the doctor said he has a strong neck since we sit him up a lot. Speaking of doctor, the appointment last week went better than I expected! Levi weighs 13 pounds now and is 24 inches long! So even though he’s gained 5 pounds in 2 months, the doctor said he’s well proportioned since he grew a few inches. Levi obviously cried after getting the shots but it didn’t take long to calm him down. He was pretty fussy that night and the following day. The next morning he had projectile vomited all over me! Since he had never done that before it totally freaked me out. He also continued to spit up after every feeding for a couple of days. Luckily he’s back to normal now but I felt so bad for him! Last night he slept really well for us but for some reason hasn’t been wanting to nap, except for right now…sort of. His first nap is usually around 10AM but he skipped that. He’s pretty sleepy right now and has been opening and closing his eyes so I’m just hoping he can get a good nap in soon. I even took him for a walk hoping that would make him sleepy but it didn’t work.

I’ve been doing well with cutting back carbs lately. This past shopping trip I made sure to get a ton of healthy ingredients so our meals would be better. And I’m proud to say I didn’t have an after dinner snack last night! That was one thing I remember the doctor telling me to cut out when I was trying to get my blood sugars good when trying to conceive. I remember it being hard for me because I always had some sort of snack before bed so I just need to get back into that habit again of not doing it. Anyways, can you believe I’ve only got two weeks left before going back to work? Nervous and excited at the same time. I feel like I’ve forgotten a lot of the routine that goes into my job so I hope I don’t let anyone down when I return. I think that’s what I fear the most.

Speaking of feeling bad, I had an encounter the other day where someone just said something rude to me and it made me want to talk about it on here. Has anyone tried to make you feel bad recently? It seems so high school to me. When the person said what they said, I actually didn’t even get mad or upset. One, because this person has always been that way towards me and two, because it’s just not even worth it to get upset. I feel like back in the day I probably would have replied with something equally mean or something worse. I hate to even say this but maybe it’s jealousy? Although I have no idea why this person would be jealous of me because we’re so different that I can’t see her wanting anything I have. Or maybe it’s just because she’s unhappy, which is my main thought. Usually when people are mean for no reason it’s just because they’re in a negative space and since they aren’t happy with themselves they don’t know how to be happy for others. She’s always said things that aren’t very nice to me and even though it’s annoyed me, I’ve never addressed it to her. It’s easier said than done but I really hope I can confront her the next time she says something. Usually confrontation isn’t worth it to me because I know how she is and I can’t see anything resolving but she should know that she isn’t nice and what she says to me or anyone else isn’t okay. It’s not okay to talk to people that way even if you’re hurting. I’ve been there before. I can think of numerous times I’ve not been nice to people and it’s purely because I wasn’t in a good place. Just because you’re sad or depressed or mad or whatever the reason, doesn’t mean that being a jerk to someone innocent is a good idea. You’ll end up feeling worse about yourself after it all. Hopefully if anyone is hurting because of what someone said to you, you can understand that it’s them-not you. Maybe if you’re close to that person you can ask them if they’re doing okay. Confrontation sucks, but I think standing up for yourself is a good thing and I should really do that for myself next time.

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