8 Weeks Postpartum.

We took Levi on his first mini road trip up to Lake Tahoe this past weekend and he did great! He slept the entire way up to our family cabin and did well during the nights too! I couldn’t be more proud of my boy! I’m hoping the more time we spend traveling places, the better he’ll be as he gets older. Anyways, I was happy the weather was a bit cooler because I was able to dress him in some clothes that he can’t really wear where we live because it’s too hot. I hardly ever put pants on him at home, haha.

We got to the cabin quite late (around 10pm or so) and there were some issues upon arriving. Since the cabin had been closed for the winter, everything was off so we had to turn the lights on and the water but a fuse went out or something (idk technical terms) and there was only electricity to parts of the cabin which meant the stove didn’t work! And we also didn’t have any water because something went wrong. It was pretty stressful when we got there and even on Saturday morning but we all decided to just enjoy as much of the day ass possible and go into town and have lunch and make a few stops here and there. We went down to the casinos and walked around all of the shops. Levi did really well there, too. He was such an easy baby! Even though the whole trip had its ups and downs, I’m still glad we went with my family. I know my parents enjoyed being with Levi. And it was also nice to celebrate Father’s Day even though we traveled back home that day so it was spent mostly in the car, but it was still fun to be together!

So while we were in Tahoe, aunt flow decided to give me a visit! Since the birth control I was on before getting pregnant kept me from having periods, I haven’t had one in years! I had nothing with me because I really wasn’t expecting this. I was irritable, I felt disgusting because I couldn’t shower (no water, remember), and I didn’t feel good because of the cramps. Off to Kmart I went to get me the good ol period supplies, which definitely included a ton of chocolate.

Levi has pretty much been the same since week 7. He did however do this really weird thing where he cried randomly and then it turned into a screaming cry and NOTHING would fix it besides music. It happened three times in the past week. He’d be laying somewhere perfectly content and then burst out crying, the cry he usually makes when he’s hungry and you’re taking too long to change his diaper and get a bottle. The first time it happened I almost cried because we didn’t know what happened. Once Jesse turned music on, he calmed down. We aren’t sure why this has been happening so we plan to bring it up with our doctor soon at his 2 month check up. Speaking of, I cannot wait to see how much he’s grown in terms of height and weight. I’m also extremely nervous for him to get his shots!

I don’t have much else to update on for myself. I did do my first at home workout last week and it left my legs so sore the next couple of days! I was able to do it while Levi slept so that was nice. Today’s the first day I actually feel good about my body, which is weird because I’m sure not much has changed but I’ll take this mental positivity over the negativity any day! It’s always nice when you think you look good! I’m a full supporter in women feeling themselves 24/7, 365 days a year! Besides new clothes to make me feel good about myself, I also got some new makeup products and I’m loving this new foundation I bought! Is anyone else really into drugstore makeup like I am? I know it’s not the best for your skin but whenever I try high end foundations my face almost always dries up or breaks out. I’ve tried numerous brands and once I go back to my $15 drugstore foundation my skin goes back to normal. So weird! Also, right now Wet and Wild has some fab highlighters for less than $10 (for anyone who’s in the market for a cheap but good highlighter!).

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