7 Weeks Postpartum.

Let me start off by talking about my diabetes! When I first made this blog I thought I’d be talking about it a lot but lately there hasn’t been much to discuss. I’m currently on the same dose as before I was pregnant. I could honestly increase it but for now I’m keeping my average at around 140 and lower. I’ve been pretty good with bolusing before meals and haven’t had many spikes! In my opinion, after being pregnant with diabetes I really feel like theres no point in seeing my endocrinologist. I learned so much about my diabetes while pregnant and adjusting my insulin that I sort of feel like a pro! I could lower my average number if I wanted to but I feel comfortable where I’m at. It’s super weird to have symptoms of a low at 70-90 when that was my normal range for almost a year! I feel pretty healthy in terms of my diabetes, I don’t see any red flags. I know for sure my A1C has gone up but I’m totally OK with that, because I know it’s most likely in the 6’s which is where I want to be anyways.

While I’m still the topic of discussion here, I’d like to say that I’m going to try (really try) to eat better. I think I’ve said this in every post and feel like a broken record, but I still hate getting dressed and being out in public because I’m not comfortable in what I look like. Maybe to some I sound overdramatic, but it’s true! That’s why I haven’t really been posting photos of myself because I just don’t like what I look like. It also doesn’t help that it’s summer and it’s getting hotter so layering up isn’t really an option unless I felt like dying of a heat stroke. This week I plan on cooking a lot of low carb meals with lots of veggies. When I cook with meat I notice that the meal is a lot higher in carbs and not as healthy. Plus, meat freaks me out sometimes so I’m kind of over it lately. Switching subjects, I noticed that for a few weeks now, I have begun to break out on my forehead. They’re just small bumps but it’s highly annoying and I don’t appreciate the new friends on my face. My face has also been super dry which is weird because usually at this time of year it’s not dry at all. I’ve also not been wearing makeup a lot because I don’t leave the house every day so there’s no point in putting makeup on. I thought that would help with the skin issues but it hasn’t. Also, my memory is CRAP. Like, worse than before. I feel like maybe it’s gotten worse because of lack of sleep? Not sure, but it’s so embarrassing! Something that is super new to me ever since having Levi is that I crave beer sometimes. I’m not even a drinker! But the smell and taste of Heineken beer just calls my name sometimes. I’ve only drank one beer since this craving has hit me. Just thinking about it now makes me want one. It really is the strangest thing!

Levi has been doing pretty well lately. I’m starting to have somewhat of a schedule (not really) of when he takes naps and what not. It’s not a set in stone type of schedule, just what he usually does every day if that makes sense. Something weird is that he’s not eating as much as he used to. For a little while he was eating 4oz bottles but now when he eats it’ll be 2-3oz and sometimes he’ll finish the rest within the next hour or so. So he’ll eat 4oz just not all at once. Well, it really depends. Not sure if this is normal but since he’s clearly growing I’m not too worried about it. He’s still been pretty congested at night but I now it’s normal so I don’t stress too much about that either. He still loves to stand and sit on our laps. He can sit upright for such a long time and just chill with us, I love it. He’s been smiling more, especially in the mornings. He talks a lot now, too, and it’s the cutest sound ever. He’s getting SO BIG! My heart still cannot take it. He’s officially in the 3 month clothing, no more 0-3 month stuff. I put on a 3 month shirt today that I swore would probably be too big and it’s tight on him. So now if something looks too big I’m just going to put him in it anyways. I really want to go out and buy a plastic container to store all of his old clothes in that I plan to keep. I don’t currently have any close friends who are pregnant right now so I want to donate the rest of his clothes to a women’s/kids shelter. I can’t remember if I mentioned that last time. I love my son to death and It’s so funny to me how I used to never want kids and here I am, a mom! I already want another one, haha. He just brings me so much joy even though it can be extremely rough at times.

This weekend we’re going to Lake Tahoe to open up our family cabin and to also celebrate Fathers Day so I’m really looking forward to that! I was hesitant about going since Levi doesn’t have his two month shots yet but it’s not like we’re going to be in grocery stores or malls so I’m not too worried. It’ll just be our cabin and nature so I think it’ll be a nice little getaway!

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