6 Weeks Postpartum.

It was mine and Jesse’s 9 year anniversary last Saturday. We spent the day in San Francisco. The weather was absolutely perfect since it was so hot where we live. We ate at a nice little Puerto Rican restaurant and walked around the area. We then drove by the beach but didn’t get out because parking was packed and it was also freezing by the water! We then went to good old Pier 39 and walked around, played this weird alien adventure game and shared a yummy crepe! My original plan was to go out there to have a nice dinner but we both started to miss our sons, human and fur, and wanted to go get them so Chipotle for dinner was what ended up happening, haha. Sometimes simple is good. I enjoyed the time we spent together, though. It was really nice and I had fun. It reminded me of old times together because we both haven’t been to the city in a long time.

Levi is doing great! He still has some goop in his right eye but it’s improved a lot. He does still get congested at night sometimes and I finally tried the saline drops because a humidifier just wasn’t cutting it and man oh man, those drops really help! It’s an instant sneeze inducer and a booger always comes out. Boogers gross me out so I always want to gag but hey, it’s what I gotta get used to now haha. He’s starting to smile SO much more and it melts my heart every single time. He has officially grown out of newborn clothing and is in this weird 0-3 month size. The specific 3 month clothing is still too big but the ones that say 0-3 months fit him well. I want to cry over him growing already! His sleep schedule is still the same but the days are getting better. His favorite things to do is stand on our laps. This boy is strong! It’s almost as if he can hold himself up. He’ll stand for a while before his knees finally give in and he’ll have to sit for a bit. He’s able to hold his head up so much better now, too! Last night we walked to our community pool and hung out with daddy while he swam. I wasn’t sure when we could put Levi in the pool but my friend said we could do it now so I think we’ll be doing that soon! I think I want to try it at my parents house first before the community pool because of germs (yes, I know chlorine kills germs but it still grosses me out a bit).

Since my first 6 weeks of being off of work has officially ended, it makes me so sad to think I only have another 6 weeks left of being with my boy all day! I’m really 50/50 about the whole thing, though. Half of me can’t wait to go back to work to be around my friends and animals, and the other half wants to be with Levi all day because I don’t want to miss anything! I already know I’ll be so sad if whoever’s watching him tells me he does something new and I missed it! He’s really my little best friend. Within these next few weeks I really want to start taking him out by myself so I can get more comfortable with it. When I think about it, it’s really not that hard if I prepare accordingly. I think the only thing that scares me is changing his diaper and not having all the supplies or a good place to do it at. The changing tables in restrooms gross me out but I know I’ll have to use one eventually I suppose. I also get nervous about leaving him while I go back to work. I know I’ll be leaving him with family members, but it makes me anxious because there’s a certain way I want to raise Levi and I just don’t want anyone to mess it up for me. And yes, I do know that with everyone’s first child we’re all more cautious and have all these expectations and with the second one we’re more relaxed. Obviously I don’t know this from experience but I’m sure I’ll be more laid back with my next child. But for now, let me have a stick up my ass about everything ๐Ÿ™‚

I finally planted some pretty flowers in my little backyard. For some reason every time I planted flowers, they all died so I’m hoping these ones will stick! I really hope so. I’ve been trying to eat a lot better lately. After going to my postpartum appointment and seeing how much weight I had left to lose, it made me want to focus on my health. I have 17 pounds to go which means I only lose 13 after giving birth. I feel like I could have lost more but I probably gained it since I was eating terrible afterwards. It’s really easy for people to say not to stress about the weight but I think if you’re like me and you’ve always struggled with weight then it’s hard not to think about it all of the time. It really sucks to hate getting dressed and going out in public or taking photos when you don’t feel good about yourself. I’ve definitely had some sad days recently and I always try to think about depression to make sure I’m not getting too sad. I know what I’m going through is normal, but I do feel alone at times. I also have to keep pretending I’m happy when I’m not or if someone wants to hang out with me or visit me I might be happy when I make the plans but when the day comes and it’s a bad day for me then it really drains me. I think the more active I become, whether that’s being active by myself or with someone else, I will become happier. But today is one of those days where I really enjoy just being home with Levi. We went on a nice walk early in the morning and we’ve been chill since. He took a nice hour nap earlier and I was able to get a few things done, and he’s napping again right now so I took that opportunity to write this blog post! Not much else is new with me, though. I’m taking it day by day and I really love my little family so much. The doctor told me to get out as much as possible to help with these baby blue’s. Levi likes car rides, stroller rides, and being carried in the baby carrier so it helps a lot! I wonder if he likes movement so much because I was always moving around while pregnant? Especially when I was still working. I have a sense that this boy will be active as he grows up! It makes me excited for him.

Well, baby is crying now so I gotta do mom stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

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