5 Weeks Postpartum.

Today we took Levi to the farmers market for the first time and he did great! He slept the entire time which was awesome. The time is going by fast these days. I have my 6 week appointment on Friday and once my doctor clears me, I’ll have only 6 weeks left with my baby before I go back to work! I already know that time will go by super fast and I’ll be a full time working mama. I’m extremely nervous on how this will all go but hey, if my mom (and a bunch of other moms out there) can do it so can I! It’s obviously an overwhelming feeling and I don’t want to have to leave my son with others all the time but I have no choice! Luckily I have family who will be watching him but I still hate having to rely on people all of the time. I finally let him be watched by my MIL yesterday! I know she’s fully capable of taking care of a baby because she watches my boyfriends niece but It’s always hard for me to leave him with anyone! But it was a success even though I missed him like crazy and couldn’t wait to pick him up!

During this past week Levi still seems to have the same patterns as the last few weeks. He can go a couple of days with lack of sleep during the day and then by the third day or so he’ll nap all day. He still sleeps in the same patterns at night, though. He’ll usually sleep from 12AM-2:30/3AM, then 3:30-5/5:5:30, then wakes up around 7 and stays awake until 9/10AM or so. Then it goes downhill from there and doesn’t really start to sleep until 8PM. He’ll usually have short naps during the day ranging anywhere from 30 minutes-1 hour. It just means we have to entertain him a bit more! He still loves listening to music. He loves to be held by mama. Earlier today he was being extremely fussy and Jesse couldn’t calm him down at all while I was prepping/cooking dinner but once I had a minute to go over and hold him he stopped crying. I loved it but then it also sucked because then I couldn’t finish what I had been doing, haha but it’s all good! I love that he loves me! He’s been smiling a lot more, but I know it’s probably just gas most of the time. I cannot wait until he smiles purposely. He’s gotten so big already and I’ve already got a small pile of clothes he can no longer fit into! It makes me so sad! He’s also in 1 month diapers but that’s only due to the fact that we ran out of newborn. He still sleeps in the bassinet and our bed. We usually start him out in the bassinet for the first half of the night and then transition him into our bed. Mostly because we’re tired and don’t feel like dealing with a fussy baby if he’s upset about going into his bassinet.

I’m doing alright, still the same from last week. Some days are better than others. I’m craving a hair day because my hair really needs a trim and my eyebrows need some serious TLC! I’m still spending money on clothes and hoping they fit me! Online shopping will be the death of me, but I’m super cheap when it comes to certain clothing items so I don’t ever end up spending a lot of money! Promise 🙂 Hmm, not much else is new to be honest. I’m happy that it’s a holiday weekend and Jesse gets to be with me tomorrow (I’m currently typing this on Sunday because I have some free time right now!). I like when we can all be together and it’s nice to have extra help with Levi. During the week I feel as if I don’t ever leave the couch especially if Levi is being fussy. It’s also nice having Jesse home because I get to do my makeup and make myself look more like a decent human. I know for some women this isn’t a big deal but since I’m not happy with my appearance lately, putting on some makeup and doing my hair makes me feel a lot better about myself. Plus, it’s a little extra time I get to be alone and spend time with just myself! I love my son so much but I also love being by myself. Well, time to go for another walk! Trying to balance out all these treats I’ve been eating with some exercise 😛 Once I get cleared to work out then I’ll have to actually work out and I don’t even know if I’m completely ready for that so we’ll see what happens!


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