2 Weeks Postpartum.

My boy is two weeks old today! I was definitely spoiled with the first week of Levi being here. He’s now beginning to get a lot fussier, especially at night. This dude will sleep ALL DAY and then wake up and become a little turd around 8/10pm-12am. That’s usually when the only thing that will make him content is a bottle, which means I’ll feed him as often as every hour and a half or so. I already know if I told a doctor that, they’d tell me I’m feeding him too much. What else am I supposed to do if I’ve changed his diaper, he’s been burped, doesn’t seem to be gassy, and STILL cries and screams his head off? I’ll stick to feeding him to make him happy. He’s also learned that our bed is a lot more comfortable than his bassinet upstairs. Sometimes he’ll sleep in it and sometimes he’ll cry until he lays down in our bed. That happened to us last night. We tried to let him cry it out and play music/sounds for him to try and soothe him but that boy didn’t stop crying until we put him in between us. Smart kid, haha. Honestly I don’t mind him sleeping with us right now, I just don’t want it to become a habit for when he’s older. I used to not want him in the bed because of my dog and cat but they don’t bother him and usually stay away from him when he’s on the bed. So we’re just going to go with his flow and do whatever makes him happy so we can ALL be happy 🙂

Levi has recently gotten goopy eyes! We actually have his two week check up tomorrow, so I’m hoping I can get some answers and also some medication to help him out. I called the 24 hour nurse line and had a phone appointment with a doctor and she told me to just do warm compresses. It has helped a bit but I still hate seeing my boy have goopy eyes. It started with the left eye and now I feel like it’s happening to the right eye. Poor boy. Anyways, jumping right into things he loves now which are laying on mom and dads stomachs, his daddy because dad is fun and spends a lot of time with him making silly noises and taking him outside to enjoy the fresh air (not in the sun obviously), and going for car rides/walks! He also loves his pacifier (thank gawd). He stays awake for longer periods of times now, half of the time being super chill and the other half being fussy *enter extremely tired mommy and daddy*. Wilson and Moka are still very polite and give him space and act like they don’t care about him, which I love because I never have to worry (well, I still worry) about them invading his space. I never leave Levi unattended with them around just to be cautious.

As far as I go, I’m doing well. I’m not as emotional as I was the first week. Jesse and I try to go on a walk around our neighborhood at least once a day. If not the neighborhood, we’ll go somewhere else to go for a walk. I’ve been doing this since the first week and although I would become very sore after the walks in the beginning, I feel like it actually helped with the soreness going away sooner. I haven’t weighed myself since giving birth, so I have no idea how much I weigh but I have a guess. I tried on my jeans last week and to my surprise, I fit into them! Well, when I say I fit into them, I mean they go up to my waist and I’m able to button them but they’re still a little tight. So until I’m completely comfortable in them and don’t make myself have a muffin top, I’m wearing two pairs that were a little loose on me before I got pregnant. I know once I’m able to work out and be more active I’ll be able to feel comfortable in my clothes again but I’m fine with waiting until then. I do have to say, though, is I’ve been craving a shopping spree. I did buy myself some clothes online that I’m hoping will fit me now so I don’t look like a slob every day wearing the same thing. I also went to TJ Maxx to see if I could find any cute clothes and was able to get a couple of shirts. I actually feel like that wasn’t the smartest idea because I tried on a few things and majority of them didn’t fit or look good. Maybe it was a little too soon to be taking myself shopping, haha. My diabetes is doing pretty good. I’m definitely living right now when it comes to eating all the foods I haven’t had in so long. Last night I had a Baskin Robbins brownie sundae! It was so delicious. I don’t even remember the last time I had one of those! I definitely don’t want to get into old bad habits when it comes to food so I don’t plan on eating bad for long. I just feel like I need to get it out of my system.

Ugh, this new mom journey of mine is going to be something. I feel like I’m jumping around in this post but that’s how my mind is these days. I remember being so so scared and not feeling competent enough. It really is crazy how natural things come. I mean I don’t know what I’m doing, but I know what I’m doing…if that makes any sense. Probably not. I miss him when he sleeps for too long and I love when he’s next to me. He’s the sweetest boy and I really can’t wait for our future as a family. Well, I can wait actually because I already don’t want him to grow up! But life is good right now. I can’t complain about anything really. I love my little family 🙂



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