38 weeks and 5 days.

This quite possibly be my last post while pregnant! I’m excited to say that I will be getting induced this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to say, I was never really worried about labor and childbirth throughout my pregnancy until now. I’m just anxious because I don’t know what to expect. Although it would be nice for him to naturally come on his own terms, I have accepted the fact that that will not happen to me and it’s okay! I’m excited and nervous for obvious reasons (and I’ve already explained those in previous blogs). I honestly have no idea what I’m in for and don’t know what to expect. I’m really hoping I’ll be somewhat dilated if they check me tomorrow. Last week my cervix was soft but still closed. A friend had mentioned raspberry tea to me so I’ve been trying to drink that hoping it works!

On Monday I felt multiple menstrual type cramps in the morning so I’m hoping that means he’s dropped a bit or something. One thing that has happened this week is stretch marks! I knew those devils would be coming to get me! I can’t see them myself so I asked Jesse if I had them under my belly because I had been a bit itchy and low and behold, there they were. They’re quite light though and not really noticeable to me so I actually don’t really care honestly. It would have just sucked if they completely covered my tummy. When I got weighed last week I was up 4 pounds from the week before! So I’m for sure going to hit that 30 pound mark for this pregnancy. I’m actually really happy with it and am totally fine with the weight gain. I’ve been splurging a bit when it comes to food lately so I’m sure that’s where it’s all coming from…whoops!

Yesterday I spent time with my mom at a tea room. It was so nice to spend some quality time with her! The food is good, the tea is good, and the desserts are even better! We walked around and went into cute little vintage stores and even got some ice cream. Tomorrow I plan on going over to my parents house to spend some time with them before the weekend comes. I’m not sure how to have people visit me when I won’t be induced until the afternoon so, like, do people visit me that night and wait up all night for me to go into labor? Or wait until the next day? I guess we’ll see!

Diabetes land has been treating me very well these past weeks! I will have my occasional high from eating one of those bad meals but majority of the day is in range and awesome! No bedtime lows for me either which I’m so grateful for because they suck, a lot. I know my insulin needs will be changing a lot once baby is here so I’ll have to prepare myself for that new roller coaster when the time comes. I plan on still eating pretty light and healthy once he’s here, especially if I’m going to be breastfeeding, which is another topic…

Breastfeeding, the one thing I’m dreading the most. Women always post about how magical it is and blah blah blah BUT for me I am so unsure about it. It’s obviously a 24/7 job that only a mama can do, so that already sucks because I would love for Jesse to be apart of the feedings. I know with pumping he would be able to do that, but then that’s just another task for me to do. I’m sure some of you reading this might think I’m an asshole for wanting “me” time and not being connected to a baby all the time but hey, that’s just me (and I’m sure a bunch of other moms)! I’m definitely going to try breastfeeding for sure and I’ll try to keep at it as long as I can, but if I feel like it’s not working for my sanity then I won’t continue because if mom isn’t happy then I feel like nobody is happy! Also, when I go back to work I can’t see myself pumping at work because my job can get pretty hectic sometimes and I can’t see how I’d manage to fit that in when I’m running around doing things. Stay at home moms or anyone who has a job that doesn’t require constant standing and moving 8 hours of the day have it a lot easier.

I know the breastfeeding topic can be a touchy subject so that’s all I’m going to say about that. I just can’t believe he will be here soon! It feels so unreal. Right now my house is nice and quiet and I was able to sleep in, take my time getting ready, and take my dog with me to the grocery store. I know this freedom isn’t going to last and sometimes I’m sad because I won’t get to spend so much quality time with my animals but we’ll just have to figure out a new routine with our new family member! I actually can’t wait for walks around my neighborhood with the baby and my dog. I think that will be nice, especially during those nice summer nights when the weather is perfect out ๐Ÿ™‚



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