36 weeks and 6 days.

GUYS! I’ll be THIRTY SEVEN weeks tomorrow! This has been such an incredible journey. I honestly cannot believe I’m going to be holding my son in just a couple of short weeks. I had a doctors appointment today, which is why I prolonged writing this weeks post, and they said everything is looking great. They adjusted my insulin just a tiny bit since I had been experiencing highs after dinner (too much snacking after…whoops) and increased my night time insulin, even though they just decreased it on Monday lol. Overall they say I’m doing really well and I’m as close to a “regular” pregnancy as possible. We had our 36 week ultrasound on Monday and little one is measuring just a bit over 6 pounds! After being weighed today I only gained one pound since my last visit two weeks ago, so 24 pounds in total so far for this pregnancy. It’s allllll belly and definitely some thigh action going on. I get urges to work out so I really cannot wait until I’m able to go back to that because sometimes I just want to run! I also want to lift weights because I feel like my arms lost some muscle for sure.

At todays visit I was hoping I’d get my induction date but they decided to make me an appointment next week to schedule it. I joined this Type 1 Diabetes pregnancy group on FB and asked them when they had their induction dates scheduled and almost everyone had their dates scheduled weeks in advance, so I’m not sure why my doctors are waiting so long. Oh well, I’m not going to stress over it anymore. I’m still hoping he will come on his own though, because that would be awesome. I’d love to experience that.

I’m trying to hang out with as many people as possible before I’ll basically have another human attached to me 24/7, lol. This past week has been nice. Easter turned out to be a lot better than I expected and I wasn’t in such a downer mood. The food was good at the restaurant we were at so that was definitely a plus. On Tuesday I hung out with my mom and we went shopping and ate at Benihana…YUM. I love their vegetable fried rice. We were able to get all of baby’s last items (diaper pale, sheets for the play yard, etc). We also got more clothes. This boy is about to be so stylish, I hope I make my Nana proud with his outfits! Yesterday I originally didn’t have plans but my good friend texted me wanting to have lunch on her lunch break so I went and hung out with her. While we were there my SIL and nieces showed up so I ended up hanging out with them for a bit after too. It was so nice being able to hang out with all of them even though everything was so last minute! Today I’m taking it easy, as I was just at the doctors for about two hours and I just want to chill at home and be lazy.  It’s funny because when I first went off of work I was so bored but then as time went on I actually became really busy. Even if I didn’t see someone one day, I’d be busy doing chores around the house or running errands. This week originally didn’t have anything going on and so far I’ve been busy every day. Tomorrow might be the ultimate boredom day though, besides my hair appointment later on in the day. It’s supposed to be raining so I wouldn’t want to go out anywhere anyways.

I’m going to include a couple pictures from this past week. One of which looks like I swallowed a beach ball, so enjoy that one. I only have three maternity shirts so if I’m not wearing any of those then I’m wearing shirts I already have in my closet. I have some that are longer and aren’t tight fitting, and I even bought three shirts at Old Navy in a size L just so they’ll fit over my belly. Way cheaper than buying maternity shirts! Especially since I only have a couple weeks left I don’t want to be spending money on special clothing I can’t wear after he’s here!

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