35 weeks and 4 days.

Ankles. Are. Finally. Swollen. Guys, what the heck? I’ve gone this whole pregnancy without getting swollen anywhere and I just noticed yesterday that my ankles are like stuffed sausages. I hate how they look and I can’t help but be a bit self conscious over them. I have no idea how Kim Kardashian flaunted her swollen feet in those tiny heels haha. By the way, has anyone else noticed that Khloe Kardashian copied me by being preggo at the same time? It’s like she had to outshine me or something (joking, duh).

The weather has finally perked up and I am so in love with it. My perfect type of day is sunny with a slight breeze and temps in the low to mid 70’s. Ahhh, perfection. I went over to my parents house today to hang out with my mom for a bit which was really nice.  I’ve been trying to get more walks in since the weather is nice so we ended up going for a little walk today, and I went on two walks yesterday which was really nice. It’s also quite therapeutic to me since I’m not stuck in the house with all my baby thoughts that can sometimes bring me down once I start thinking negatively. Being alone is cool and I love my alone time, but too much of it can really get to a person sometimes! Especially when that person’s boyfriend spends about 70% of his time playing video games *insert eye roll here*.

Baby still moves around a ton and he likes to hang out in my ribs. Not the best feeling to be honest, haha. It’s insane to think I’ll be INDUCED between April 20-26th!! The doctor I saw last Thursday told me they won’t need to induce me any earlier (37/38 weeks) because my blood sugars and baby are looking really good so far. To think this Friday I’ll only have 3 weeks left. Three freakin weeks! I’m so not ready but I am soooo ready! What gets me excited is thinking about the neighborhood walks I want to go on with hims and Wilson, Jesse’s softball games I’m going to take him to, and spending the summer swimming at my parents house with my little family! Obviously he’ll be too young to actually swim or go into a pool but they have a little kiddie pool that I want to sit in with him so we can just hang out with everyone 🙂

Not much else has happened within the past week. I have experienced some nausea and some acid reflux at night. It happened two nights in a row and actually I was nauseous all of Sunday and it was terrible! I figured it was because I overate before bed (uhhhh I totally had two krispy kreme donuts) and since Levi’s still up high in my belly there was probably just no space in my stomach? I don’t know science but you know what I mean. So ever since that night I’ve been trying to eat really light during the day and keeping it lighter at night and sticking to my yogurt and fruit before bed. Boring, I know, but I was going a little wild there for a bit with my food. I gained like five pounds within two weeks! My total weight gain is 23 pounds overall this entire pregnancy. I’m giving myself up to 30 pounds, but in all seriousness…it’s not that serious to me to gain weight. I just have a background of body image issues and to gain weight is a bit on the sensitive side for me and it’s hard for me to accept at times and I don’t want it to be super hard for me to lose the weight once he’s here. I’d really like to get to my pre pregnancy body, or close to it at least because I felt pretty confident in myself even though I wasn’t super skinny or anything like that. I’ve actually never had a flat stomach and have always had a bit of chub.

Anyways, my blood sugars have been looking pretty good lately so no complaints there! With this weather change I’ve been in a much better mood. I was definitely sad the past couple of weeks. I don’t want to say depressed, but I was. I wasn’t feeling myself at all and I was crying a lot. I didn’t want to get out of bed or talk to anyone or do anything. It’s easier to talk about now that the sadness has faded away, but that’s what I was going through. I had been thinking about my nana a lot and had been doubting myself as a mother and a bunch of other things that I don’t really want to get into but I’m doing better now and that’s all that matters! I haven’t been in a selfie type of mood so my bump pic for this post is pretty lame, sorry!

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