34 weeks and 3 days.

Still the same ol same ol around here. I feel like I just wrote a blog post yesterday, haha. Finally starting my NST’s twice a week so that’s fun (not). They’re quite boring actually. I have my next doctors appointment on Thursday and I’m trying to think of questions I should ask! I asked about breast pumps last visit, which my Dr. told me the hospital will be sending me home with one after having baby. I also asked about Pediatricians, which he didn’t really explain well to me so I’m going to ask again this visit. I went online and picked out who I’d want so I just have to figure out how to put them on my list of Doctors, or if I have to wait until Levi is actually born first. Jesse called his HR and was told how to add him to his health insurance so that’s another worry off my list. Well, I wasn’t worried about it but I just wanted it to be taken care of.

Levi’s room is still a mess. There’s bags leftover from the baby shower still in there, Jesse’s golf clubs that need to be taken out, put the sheet on the bed and I’d also like to do some last minute decorating. I know Levi won’t be sleeping in there right away but I’d like to have it all set up so I don’t have to stress about it once he’s here. Oh yeah, I had ordered a nursing bra and some underwear for the hospital and it arrived today. I’m so happy the nursing bra fits! I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of returning it and trying to find another one. The underwear looks big but I’m not going to worry about it, I’ll just rock some big granny panties (sorry for any visuals this may bring to your mind). I still would like to order a robe and my own hospital gown. On Amazon they have hospital gowns that button down the back (so there’s no gaping hole for everyone to see your butt) and also buttons down in the front for easy access to nurse. Nothing fancy, just something practical and especially if people are going to be visiting me then I want to be as covered up as possible. I’m not the type to expose myself!

On Saturday I felt like I had experienced a Braxton Hicks contraction because my stomach got tight and felt really uncomfortable, but it hasn’t happened since. It could have possibly just been a little stomach ache? Not sure but I’m waiting for it to happen again. Little one moves around like crazy still. He has his quiet moments, but when he’s on the move there’s no stopping him haha. Well, unless I start to record him, then he gets shy and will slow it down. It’s like he knows I have my phone out trying to capture his weird movements! Yesterday I visited work to drop off a couple things and it was SO weird being there. The halls looked so bare and the smell was so new to me (it’s an animal rescue for those who don’t know). It was nice hanging out for an hour or so though. I really miss being there and working with the animals, I wish I didn’t have to go out on disability so early, it sucks. Well, I am enjoying my time off, though. I like waking up whenever I want (which is usually the same time every day but still..) and I like being able to spend time with my animals and Jesse. I felt like when I worked I didn’t get to be with them as much, even on my off days.

Time to conclude this post, not much to say diabetes related except for the fact that I’m still over it and wish I didn’t have it. It’s not really fun to talk about these days because I just get frustrated. Every night my receiver wakes me up saying I’m having lows. Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not. When I’m not actually having a low I get very annoyed that I got woken up. But then I think, is this just trying to prepare me for when I get woken up by a baby? I’d like to sleep through the night until then, Dexcom. Thanks.

Oh and I hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick’s day! I spent all of my Friday thinking it was the holiday until someone mentioned to me that it was indeed on Saturday! Fun stuff! Haha, but seriously I found it hilarious because I spent all day slow cooking a pot roast and making home made mashed potatoes and a green colored pudding pie to be festive! The roast was a recipe I found online that’s from The Pioneer Woman on The Food Network, the recipe for the taters were just something random I found on Pinterest, and the pudding pie I also found on Pinterest but I grew up eating chocolate pudding pies made by my mom so it wasn’t anything I hadn’t tried before! Jesse loved the dinner! His exact words were, “this is my kind of dinner. I could eat like this every day!” Haha. One thing about me is I love making people happy with food. I love watching people try something I make and I’m like a grandma because I just want everyone to EAT! Eat all the food and be happy! It’s actually one thing I can’t wait to do for little one once he’s able to eat solids! I’m going to have so much fun!

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