33 weeks and 5 days.

I don’t have much to say today as I feel like the weeks are going by so quickly and I’m just waiting for the big day. I have finally felt some sort of pelvic pain, I don’t really quite know how to explain the pain but it’s usually when I’m walking around and it feels like a cramp with pressure and it hurts a lot and lasts for a good long 5-10 seconds. It doesn’t happen often though. Also, I use the bathroom about 5 times at night, so that’s fun (not). I’m still uncomfortable when trying to sleep or sit on the couch. I usually have to put pillows behind my back to elevate me a bit so that my back doesn’t slouch backwards. Another annoying symptom is being tired. I’m usually really tired about 2 hours after I wake up! It’s insane. I never really felt this way throughout my pregnancy during the day like this. I mostly try to fight it and don’t really take naps, except for yesterday I took about 2 naps. Whoops. That’s also partly diabetes related too because I was having some highs and lows, and when that happens it usually makes me quite tired.

I finally signed up for a childbirth class that I’ll be taking the first week of April. One of the doctors that I see is extremely pushy when it comes to that so he somewhat guilt tripped me into it. I know we’ll learn a lot in the class but I’m just not a class type of person, it makes me nervous and stressed out like I’m going back to school or something. Weird, I know. Oh yeah, I started to make some frozen meals for when baby comes! So far I’ve only made breakfast burritos and bean & cheese burritos. Today I plan on tackling some breakfast sandwiches. I thought it would be a good idea to do this since I was warned that I wouldn’t want to cook after baby comes, which I totally can agree on. I hardly feel like cooking these days so I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when I’m even more exhausted. I also want to prep some yummy enchiladas and a pasta bake. I just went on Pinterest (like always) and searched for some easy recipes.

We picked up the rest of the baby necessities last weekend, like the pack n play and infant tub and some other random things. The pack n play is all set up downstairs! I plan on setting up the bassinet today or sometime this week so that that will be good to go as well. His bedroom is still quite a mess, with most stuff organized but there’s still a few things I need to get out of that room. I know he won’t be sleeping in there when he first gets here but I still want it to be cleaned out and ready to go. I also need to pack my hospital bag soon! I’m waiting for a few things to be delivered that I bought online. I’ve watched a ton of “What’s In My Hospital Bag” videos on YouTube and a lot of the time the women say they used about half or less than half of the stuff they packed! So I’m trying to do just necessities. Since I was in the hospital that one time, I’m able to know some of what the hospital can provide for me.

Eh, and I don’t feel like talking about diabetes. I’m kind of over it already.

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