32 weeks and 5 days.

My baby shower was more than awesome! I loved seeing my close friends and family. The food was also really good! Even though I didn’t get to have any of my own cake (diabetic probs), I was able to eat a mini cupcake that was just as good! It was perfect for me honestly. I was showered with gifts and it was pretty crazy to me! I remember not wanting to throw a shower because I thought I had no family and no friends who would come and that it would be boring and sad. Was I wrong or what? The decor was beautiful, thanks to my SIL! I’m pretty damn lucky to have the family that I do.

I was only able to bring back about half the gifts I got that day and for some reason when I got home I decided to take it all out of the bags and lay it out in baby’s room because I wanted to organize it. Well, I ended up getting really overwhelmed by everything and got super sad and just started to cry and be super emo. At the time I was thinking, “holy sh!t how am I going to care for a BABY? A HUMAN? I can hardly take care of myself sometimes!” Ya know, more self doubt. However, I have felt a lot better since then. Once I brought the rest of the gifts home and was able to really sit down and organize I started to feel much better. My surroundings very much effect my mood. I like a nice clean house free of clutter otherwise it starts to stress me out and I think that’s what happened that night. Well, that, and also the fact that I’ve been looking forward to a baby shower for so long and now that it’s over I have to actually focus on baby coming and I guess it didn’t seem as real as it does now. The clothes are so tiny and cute and I just can’t believe I’ll be caring for a cute tiny baby soon. I ordered a book off of Amazon, What To Expect the First Year, and I started reading it and it is extremely helpful so far and I know I’ll be using it even after he’s born because there’s seriously so much information inside (how to swaddle, breastfeeding, things to buy, etc).

So now it’s the countdown until he arrives! Since doctor said I won’t be going past the 20th (longer I’m pregnant=bigger baby= harder delivery= c-section rate higher than vaginal delivery) I only have about 6 weeks left! That’s only if they let me go to 39 weeks pregnant since sometimes they might want to induce around 37-38 depending on how big baby is measuring and how my blood sugars are looking. I’m actually guessing they’ll let me go to 39 weeks since they don’t seem concerned with me and my blood sugars because they say I’m managing everything well. I haven’t had any new symptoms this past week. No swelling, heartburn, or pelvic pain. The only pain I experience is when I’m sleeping and if I sleep on one side for too long my hip starts to hurt reaaalllly bad. It’s getting harder to get out of bed and roll over because my belly is getting bigger and more in the way. It sucks, but it’s not too terrible compared to other women who might experience more pain. I feel like dealing with the diabetes is enough work on it’s own that I’m really thankful I don’t have to deal with any other issues. I really cannot wait until pregnancy is over because I hate thinking that my diabetes isn’t only affecting me but also my baby. I want him to live a diabetes free life!

Well, I have to finish up these Thank You cards so I can mail them out soon. Today is beautiful and I already went for a nice walk around my neighborhood to soak in the sun rays. I couldn’t help but think about my future walks with my son in the stroller! The other cool thing is that Jesse will be starting softball soon so I can’t wait to take our son to the games too!

Here are some photo’s of my shower, enjoy!

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