26 weeks and 4 days.

To think that little one is the size of a butternut squash is crazy! I’ve been noticing the past two days that I am one hungry mama! I still get full really fast when eating my meals, but I become hungry again within and hour or two after. I’m also craving sweets, which is a pregnant diabetics worst nightmare! I want all the chocolate cakes and cookies! Last night I had mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sauce *insert me drooling*. I went to Target a little bit ago to pick up some stuff and I just had to walk past the ice cream section. I even opened the door to one of the freezers but forced myself to close it and walk away. Oh, the torture that was! I did buy some Ghirardelli chocolates though, as those are always pretty satisfying after a meal for me….most of the time. Oh yeah, I found my last doctors appointment overview, and saw that I had weighed in at 150 pounds. So if I’m on track, I should only weigh about 153/154 pounds on Thursday. But with all the extra indulgences lately I’m scared I might weigh more. I have a scale at home but I’m too afraid to get on it and check.

Surprisingly I’ve only had a few days where I’m extremely bored since I’ve been off of work. The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy, with this week being quite busy as well. I stayed home yesterday which was fine because after lunch I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I took a nap and just relaxed. Today I went to the movies with my Dad and saw Jumanji and then we went and got some tacos to bring home. I love that the movie theater is literally a one minute drive from my house, same with the Mexican restaurant lol. I thought Jumanji was a really good movie and I laughed so much. Kevin Hart and Jack Black are hilarious to me. Tomorrow is supposed to rain but if it’s not too terrible I plan on driving to work to drop off and pick up a couple things (and to see some friends!). I really miss cuddling with kittens and I want to squeeze them all!

I’ve still been doing pretty good with my diabetes, I was so happy I hadn’t had a high all week until I had one today from eating too many RedVines at the movies. Ugh, I knew I shouldn’t have done that! They’re one of my favorite candies and I couldn’t resist. I’m always scared when I have bad numbers right before a doctors visit because I know they’re going to ask me about it and I don’t want to get in trouble. My doctors are hella nice though so I’ve never actually been in trouble by them, but I feel like a student taking a 9 month long test and I just want to do a good job!

The other day little one wasn’t moving around as much and it was freaking me out, until night came and he was moving around. Then yesterday he was like a ninja all day and wouldn’t stop! Today he’s pretty chill, too. I just worry when he’s not super active. I just imagine him sleeping or something, hoping he’s doing okay in there. He moves around more when I’m laying down just resting. Even though I’m sitting down right now, I know if I laid on my side he’d probably move around more. His movements feel like a ball is inside me just rolling around. It is the weirdest feeling and it still tickles from time to time. Anyways, I’ve been doing quite good on cooking every night, even if it’s a lazy meal like chopped up veggies and throwing it into a pot to boil with ramen noodles, or some canned beans with sour cream and cheese and putting it on a tostada and having some rice a roni on the side lol. Tonight I’m making good ‘ol Mac N Cheese with canned green beans (sounds so good to me right now) and baked chicken tenders. Easy, simple, and hopefully good. I’m not a big Mac N Cheese person so I won’t eat a lot of that but Jesse loves it so I know he’ll enjoy tonights dinner. I cannot believe how fast time is flying! I got the invitations made up so now I have to print and send them out. This baby shower is stressing me out, guys!

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