23 weeks and 5 days.

Thought I’d stop by and share how this week is going for me. It looks like my diabetes has finally started changing on me! Not very fun honestly. I have noticed that I need to increase my insulin doses for meals and in the mornings/before bed. My body has become a lot more sensitive to carbohydrates. One bite of something bad can start to spike me and it takes more insulin to correct than it did before. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I think I’m finally going to just admit that I have no clue what I’m doing! My insulin to carb ratio? Not a clue. I’m honestly just guessing everything and hoping for the best. I used to correct when my number was 160 but now I correct when it gets to 140 because I’ve noticed that if I don’t, I’ll sit at 140 for a while until I give myself insulin for a meal anyways.

These past few days I have experienced headaches. They aren’t miserable. They’re quite mild but they sure are annoying. I’m also having really bad lower back pain along with the sciatica. I’ll wake up and my back will be fine and I’ll think that my day will be great and then out of nowhere it just starts to hurt. It’ll hurt to walk and to just stand. I’ll have to bring that up to the doctor tomorrow, too. I can’t think of anything else that has happened with my body lately. Some people are still surprised when I tell them I’m pregnant. I feel like I’ll start to really pop in a few weeks. I’m tired of this fat stage, lol.

I’m currently not working anymore, and won’t be for a while. These first few weeks I know I’ll keep myself busy but after this I’m not sure what the heck I’m going to do with myself every day. I know I for sure want to go to the gym daily (at least try to) so I can ride the stationary bike or do some light walking on the treadmill just to get some exercise otherwise I feel like I’m going to turn into a couch potato. Not good! I want to stay somewhat active.

Anyways, here’s hoping the appointment will go well tomorrow! I can’t wait to see my little one again 🙂

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