21 weeks and 5 days.

It’s getting more real, friends! Next week is my last week of work before I go on disability. Half of me is excited to have time off and then the other half is totally bummed out because I actually love what I do! Sure, there are days that I don’t want to go to work (who doesn’t have those days??) but I like being busy. I like having something to do and I like being around people I care about at work!

Anyways, little one is kicking me like crazy still. He’s totally going at it right now. I love this feeling so much. I love knowing he’s in there. When I don’t feel him I panic. Jesse can feel him kick and last night he was kicking so hard that my stomach was moving and we were able to watch and enjoy that, too. Can you believe I have like 4 months left? It’s insane! I’m feeling really good besides the pain that I get which is mostly while I’m at work. Probably because I’m a lot more active at work than at home. Helllloooo comfy couch! Lol. I’m really happy with my acne as I haven’t had any significant breakouts recently. Nothing new is really going on honestly. I don’t get cravings. Still not a fan of bell peppers or cauliflower. Which is crazy because I ate them weekly before I was pregnant. I’ve had more of an appetite but I don’t think I’m gaining much still. I miss turkey sandwiches from the deli. I can’t wait to have a turkey sandwich once I’m not pregnant lol.

Diabetes is looking good! I haven’t increased my insulin this week so I’m still keeping it the same and keeping an eye on my blood sugars. My hands have been extremely dry recently. It could be the weather but I know diabetes plays a roll in it too so I’m trying to keep them moisturized.

Honestly I’ve been doing pretty well! Jesse and I have so much fun together and were so excited for baby. I feel like our house is just going to be full of laughter and fun. Is that super corny or what? I’m a very vocal person when I’m upset and I’m definitely a loud person when I’m angry or upset. I can yell at Jesse for a few minutes and then he does something stupid that makes me laugh and everything’s all good. It’s just how we are lol.

Anyways, Christmas is coming up! I have Christmas Eve off but have to work on Christmas, which I don’t really mind. Spending the holidays with the pups at work is actually really nice. I hope everyone reading this has a good holiday 🙂

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