20 weeks and 3 days.

Yay! Halfway there! Today little one has been kicking up a storm! I had my doctors appointment today and everything is looking great! I forgot to write about my symptoms last time so I’ll include them in this post. Unfortunately still struggling with the acne. It’s not fun at all. My chest and back are the worst. I’m so sad because I’m worried I’ll end up with scarring or something. My face doesn’t act up as bad anymore but I still have it there as well. I definitely do not feel confident going makeup free these days. Another symptom is going pee, like a lot more. I mean it’s an obvious symptom. I’ll be completely fine and then randomly get this bad urge to go to the bathroom and feel like something is pushing on my bladder. Thanks, baby! lol. I’m also experiencing some congestion, especially in the mornings. I feel like I always have a runny nose or just need to blow my nose 100 times a day. Gross, I know. And I know it’s winter time, but this isn’t normal for me around this time. I’m not one to usually get sick.

I’m finally starting to pop! I for sure can’t hide this bump anymore. I have gained a total of 7 pounds so far during this pregnancy. The doctors are very impressed with my diabetes management and I feel like they still think I don’t eat enough, which I do. They told me to expect to gain half a pound or one pound a week. Another doctor (I saw three today) asked me how much I wanted to gain and I just told him I didn’t want to over do it and he then told me to shoot for the 10-15 pound range. He’s not too worried about me though.

I know with my diabetes I’ll have to increase my insulin doses and I’m so curious on how this will all play out. I asked them today when will I start to notice an increase in insulin needs and he told me with some women it’s a slow gradual increase and with others it’s like an overnight type thing. He thinks i’ll be slow and gradual, which I really hope I am because I think it’ll be easier to handle especially since this is my first pregnancy. I’ve already increased my fast acting insulin ratio for lunches and dinners.

My “what I eat in a day” looks like:

  • Breakfast: My usual day to day go to is 1 piece of multigrain bread, toasted, and topped with peanut butter. If i’m feeling fancy I’ll add half a banana sliced up.
  • Snack: Usually fruit. A small fuji apple or about 1/4 cup or a little more of blueberries/raspberries/strawberries.
  • Lunch: Leftovers usually or if I eat out I just try to make it 60g of carbs or under. Today I actually had some top ramen. I always like to add in some Chobani yogurt or a piece of Ghirardelli chocolate as a nice treat. Sometime’s I’m a rebel and I’ll have both treats!
  • Snack: Something a bit more savory than fruit and I like to keep it around 15g of carbs. Some goldfish, chips, crackers with cheese, etc. Not always the healthiest choice but it keeps me fuller than veggies and fruit would until dinner.
  • Dinner: Something homemade. Again, keeping it around 60g or less. This is the meal that I tend to go over 60g of carbs but I try not to. I will also have something sweet like yogurt or chocolate. I grew up with a family who always had sweets after dinner, I can’t help having a sweet tooth!
  • Snack: I’m currently obsessed with these strawberry yogurt popsicle/ice cream things and they’re only 12g of carbs! Score! If I didn’t eat yogurt with my dinner, I’ll also eat this as my snack before bed. It really all depends on what I feel like snacking on before bed.

Anyways, back to work tomorrow! I’m going to need a lot of rest for the shift I’m working. I’m kind of not prepared for it and I think I’m going to be absolutely exhausted when the day ends but let’s hope for the best!


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