19 weeks and 4 days.

Hello my sweet friends! Today I had my second trimester ultrasound and everything went great! The doctor said everything is looking normal and it’s such a sigh of relief. The ultrasound tech was also a type 1 diabetic! I got a little emotional towards the end of my visit with the doctor talking about diabetes and how stressful it can be for me at times and she and the ultrasound tech said that good pregnant women get a star but I get like 4 stars because of how good I’m doing LOL. I guess it also states in my chart that I have “excellent control”. I wouldn’t say that I’m perfect 100% of the time. Im definitely not. For example, I ate a big lunch after my appointment and my blood sugar jumped to 187! Yikes! Luckily since I have the dexcom it alerted me and I have since corrected and I’m currently laying on the couch cuddling with my dog. The highs always make me so tired and thirsty and just blah.

I recently went on a mini vacay with Jesse to Lake Tahoe. It was much needed and so relaxing. We didn’t do much besides a lot of walking around and window shopping and going to the movies. It was so nice to spend time with each other and just enjoy everything. It snowed the night before we left so we were in love with how the morning looked. He’s currently on a week long staycation from work and I was able to take time off too to be with him and also go to my doctors appointment today. I’ll be back to work on Thursday, which I have to say doesn’t sound appealing but at the same time I miss all the dogs! It’s so weird but I just miss taking care of all my sweet furry friends.

Baby is currently having a ball inside me right now. I seriously can’t wait until I get to finally meet him. I’ve finally made my registries, which I’m still adding things to. Who knew it was so much work to pick stuff out to put on there. Half of the items I was just like, “sure this works” but I have no idea what I’m doing. Different friends recommend different things. I really want to be as minimal as possible due to me not having the biggest place in the world to store stuff. My kitchen is tiny so I want to avoid as many useless gadgets as possible. Necessities only, please! In these next few months I really need to get his room together. So far we’ve done nothing lol. It’s hard for me to even pick out a crib so I’m slacking on that. Well, I’m honestly exhausted so I think it’s nap time for this mama. I’ll update you guys in a week!

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